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A game utilizing XLM to provide players a way to immortalize their favourite in-game items

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A game that allows players to immortalize and secure the items they create by minting NFTs and linking their item to the Stellar blockchain.Future features will utilize Smart Contracts to enable players to loan their NFT gear out to other players and set the rental fees.

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Progress so far

Since the last funding round we have successfully connected to the Horizon API and Freighter Wallet to implement NFT creation while in-game and connected our database to actively scan players wallets for Mythforge NFTs and update their in-game inventories.

We’ve also completed the prototype version of our melee combat system and established a relationship with an experienced art studio for custom art assets.

We’re currently on track to achieve our goal we set after SCF #10 to release a playable prototype before the end of the year featuring NFT creation, combat, and world exploration.

  1. Build a fan base
  2. Release a prototype multiplayer build
  3. Integrate Xbull wallet
  4. Solve toml file limit
  5. Improve NFT minting speed
  6. Launch a Kickstarter campaign
To get there, we request a budget of  
  1. Launch advertising campaigns on social media
  2. Hire a freelancer to integrate Xbull, increase minting speed, solve toml limit.
  3. Launch a Kickstarter campaign using our multiplayer prototype to attract backers
Additional information

Why are we applying for the SCF again?

We are developing one step at a time and need to secure funding for our next set of goals.

How does Stellar benefit?

Our next step starting in January is to build a fanbase in preparation for a Kickstarter campaign through advertisements on social media platforms. Stellar would benefit from these advertisements because our project uses XLM and our target audience of gamers may not have heard or been interested in XLM before. Once our project is officially launched and players begin creating NFTs then XLM would also benefit by having new accounts created and activated for every NFT generated locking up more and more XLM in the process.

Can you make an MMORPG?

Yes. Technology has advanced a lot over the past 5 years. Many tools and plugins have been developed making it possible for small teams to do big things. We’re using Unreal Engine 5, OWS multiplayer plugin, and other plugins and assets that make it possible to develop a game with a tiny team. We’re also not doing this alone. We’ve been working with HPL Game Design for custom art assets and, upon release of a successful Kickstarter, we will expand our team to include more developers. For now we’ll start small and carefully grow over time.

How would you spend SCF #11 funding?

These numbers may change but 66% is budgeted towards paying a freelance developer to improve NFT generation speed, address toml file limits and other improvements, and the remaining 33% is earmarked for advertising on Facebook and Reddit as these are the platforms where we’ve had the most engagement. The advertising budget would be spent over 3 months from January to the end of March when our Kickstarter campaign would end.

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Purri Cat Studios

Mythforge is being developed by Purri Cat Studios, a tiny game company based in Canada. Custom art assets are developed by HPL Game Design, an experienced art asset company operating out of the Philippines.



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HPL Game Design

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