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Make your trade more efficient with Neptunus, a liquidity aggregator on Stellar.

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5 November 2021
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Neptunus, Liquidity Aggregator on Stellar

Recently, Stellar added Liquidity Pool on protocol level with its Protocol 18 update. So, now there are two Liquidity sources for each trading pair. Orderbook and Liquidity Pool. This split can cause something unwanted. Arbitrageurs now have more arbitrage opportunities, Which can cause increased arbitrage volume that’s spamming the network.

For market takers, this fragmentation lessens the benefit of Liquidity Pool since a trade could only be executed on either Orderbook or Liquidity Pool(At least for now).

A Liquidity Aggregator would fix this by executing a trade on both liquidity sources.  This would bring a better rate for market takers, essentially combining Liquidity Pool and Orderbook liquidity. This will also make the DEX market more efficient and lower the arbitrage activity.

Neptunus fixes this by executing the trade on both liquidity pool and orderbook with our unique algorithm.

In addition, we have additional new features to be added and that includes “path splitting based transaction”. Which we believe if combined with our initial interleave (combining orderbook and liquidity pool) algorithm can make some meaningful and efficient trades. So stay tuned for that.

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Progress so far

Prototype, 0 user, 0 dollars raised, the funds that are used to build the prototype originated from Stellar Quest.

  • We will be adding a 1inch style of aggregation(Sending between different pairs/paths). And combine it with interleaved execution.
  • Improving the UI/UX and web design overall.
  • Adding USD value in each asset so the user could easily see exactly how much money was saved after the transaction.
  • Easing the integration process so other services could use our service more easily.
  • Lowering the latency and increasing the speed of the app.
To get there, we  will use our requested budget of  
  1. How will you bring your product/service into production? By developing it and the only resource s we need are probably labor and hosting cost
  2. Legal environment: do you need any special licences or register trademarks? Yes, but a halal certification for stellar from Indonesia Ulama Council would be neat.
  3. Do you need any personnel or freelance support? Of course yes, we need support for growing our product


Problem : Fragmented liquidity

Solution : Executing trades on different pairs and sources simultaneously


Traders, especially the one that operates with big order/volume.


We will charge  a consulting fee if a project want to integrate their project with us.


Sooner or later, other service will certainly copy our algorithm. So we decided to make this open source instead.

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Aushaaf Fadhilah Azzah


First Semester student at University of Indonesia

Discord : NeoZap#7017

Github : NeoZap

Mohammad Ferry Husnil Arif


First Semester student at University of Indonesia

Discord : Ferry#1247
Github : FerryHusnil

Muhammad Fachrudin Firdaus

Stellar-related things and Back-end

High School student

Discord : Fahrul#7469

Github : firdausfarul

Rahyd Raihan Hermawan


First Semester student at University of Indonesia

Discord: rxhyd#3368