Round 11
No Code Wallet

Our wallet is a stellar based wallet that can be easily embedded without code or with low code concept.

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Defi & Wallets

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Cyprus, Limassol

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Digital products have limited methods to collect money, process payments and especially payouts and usually requires additional development efforts to integrate with payment providers. Our solution is a Stellar based wallet that can be easily embedded without code or with low code concept. The wallet is aiming at small and medium sized businesses that target clients for digital products and services.

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Progress so far

Within next 6 months we are aiming to attract 5 merchants who will use our wallet with over 10.000 usd monthly flaw.

To get there, we  will use our requested budget of  

In order to achieve our goal, we need additional help of freelance salesperson as well as marketing campaigns.


Our solution can be implemented in various ways, such as money transfer (SEP-031) or e-wallets (SEP-24, SEP-06).

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Our company is based and registered in Cyprus


Igor Tatarinov (IgorTatarinov#2901)


Found the idea of the BirdHouse.

Vladimir Tatarinov (VladimirTatarinov#2715)

Advisor for the project, current CEO at Armenotech.

Max Rogov (maksuha#6646),

QA for the project

Was QA at other projects of our team, such as BirdHouse.

Anton Tatarinov (AntonTat27#3766)

Use case QA and developer

Was testing integration of wallet, as well implementing the wallet into other services, such as telegram wallet bot.

Valentina Sorokina

Business Developer

Working with documents.