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Cultural Heritage is an anchor for our past and our history, it allows us to feel part of it and of the humanity. It gives us identity and allows us to know ourselves better socially. Culture and art have the peculiarity to educate, to allow us to know better ourselves and to offer the population an intellectual development and growth.

In an ongoing research to document, preserve and restore historic sites and monuments, the professionals have consistently and creatively adopted a wide range of technology options.

We want to develop a platform in which digital versions of objects of cultural significance can be stored and shared through the Stellar Network. Blockchain demonstrated to be a way to save and store art and heritage by tracking artworks and documenting unique historical elements, to preserve art and turn it into a digital permanent document that is legal and accessible. It is also a way to make a permanent document of art forms that are temporary in nature.

Product 1: APP - Artwork Wallet

Objective: the objective is to create an app that provides to museums, galleries, arqueologic centres and artists a technology to document and store artworks on blockchain in a safe and simple way. Also in a way that makes possible to show to the public a tokenised art, free from the risk of copy, thefts and lack of trust.

The APP idea is to create a Wallet Viewer for artworks, where you can buy and exchange artworks coming from places near you or that you are interested in.


Group 1: museums, galleries, municipalities, cultural organisations, rural communities

Group 2: shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, rural houses, market place… exc.

Group 3: Collectors, investors, clients, tourists, workers.

1. Preserve art and cultural heritage

  • Group 1 users can tokenise objects with an artistic and cultural value.
  • NUNA App enables Group 1 users to transform their art into digital assets on blockchain and obtain all the related information, that is transparent, safe and accessible.
  • NUNA App enables easier and safer transportation of the cultural/artistic objects between Group 1 entities.
  • Creation of new systems of donations through smart contracts.

Example: cases of monuments disappearing without leaving a trace (for example as a result of theft, natural disasters, political or economic causes, destructive power…) demonstrate the crucial need to create a global foundation for a digitalised cultural heritage and to preserve the most precious things we have as humanity.

2. Find NFTs in all the world and near you

  • Group 1 and 2 has the possibility to create NFTs and provide them to Group 3 (clients, visitors…)
  • These NFTs can work like a proof of attendance or having a connection with a place.
  • The NFTs also can serve as an identification for users and workers (Example: concert ticket, museum entrance, museum gift shop, souvenirs, events, company worker sector identification…)
  • Group 3 can purchase NFTs by visiting a place (via QR code) or online (searching in the list of registered and approved entities). Each user can acquire NFT near him/her or from every part of the world.
  • NFTs can be limited with a finite number of copies or they can be infinite.

How it works:

  • Scanning of an object to create a virtual representation of it.
  • Automatically store data for each object on Stellar Network using hash.
  • The documentation obtained provides and make accessible all the information needed (information is always updatable and trackable)
  • Convert users (Group 1,2) as node operators in Stellar Network.
  • Group 1 and 2 have the possibility to transport art with its documentation in a safer way, with a shorter and simpler bureaucracy.
  • The digital identity of each object can be transferred between stakeholders at a very low cost, in an honest, and effective way, promoting economic and social values.
  • Group 3 can purchase NFTs from visited places, obtain gifts or souvenirs…


App interface

The app will be constituted of:

  • Home Interface - Welcome new users
  • Wallet Connection - Possibility con connect your Stellar wallet
  • Wallet art viewer - Interact and see your NFTs
  • List of verified entities - Check the entities verified by the team
  • QR Code scanner - Buy your NFTs
  • Personal gallery - Create your personal museum
  • Send - Receive NFTs
  • Staking NFTs - Win crypto with your NFTs
  • NFTs near you - A map showing the NFTs near you


Product 2: NFTs Virtual Gallery

Creation of a 3D virtual gallery to show the artworks. We want to give all people around the word a more complete involvement, we know that a great part of the value of art is also derived from the experience around it — both in sharing and selling art.

Digital art and NFTs usually are not exposed in a curate gallery, where you can immerse and fell art around you.

With the creation of a gallery we can give a more interactive place, where is possible to experience not only the work but also the vision of the whole environment.

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Progress so far

In these months we have been creating connections with future partners like NGOs and Erasmus projects and developing an ecosystem to work with artists. We also officially started to work with artists/developers/collectors on stellar network.

We are in process to register our company in Estonia with the e-residence programme to be able to formalise the business for the development of blockchain technologies.

This project is the creation of two artists and developers ElyColz and Munay, both with extensive experience in the art world.  The building process of the company ideas started in March 2021.  Nuna was born from the desire to share and disseminate culture and to support the exchange of art with the goal is to facilitate the access of the artistic community to science and the new technologies.  


We want to establish the company in a specific area and be recognised in the blockchain environment. Deepen relations with more entities and users, to have every day more and more art and heritage certified, documented and exchanged. Create bridges so that more users can integrate and enter in the network.

SMART - APP building

  • S: Start app development
  • M: Advertise and get Group 1,2,3 to know and use our service
  • A: Art/heritage documentation
  • R: Contact developers to have support for the app creation
  • T: 2022
To get there, we  will use our requested budget of  

How will you bring your product/service into production? What are the necessary resources?    

  • Hire developers to develop the APP digital content.
  • Create a community of artists.
  • Contact with Group 1 and 2 users
  • Create educational content about Stellar Network and NFTs

Legal environment: do you need any special licences or register trademarks?

We are in a process to register our company in Estonia (with the e-resident programme). Estonia is a place with a friendly programme for start-up in blockchain.

Do you need any personnel or freelance support?  

  • We need technical support for the app building
  • Smart Contact
  • Educational content about Stellar
  • More stellar Quest Sessions!


NUNA has the objective to make blockchain a new source to construct, transform and rescue the art/cultural identity, favouring the reception and transmission of artistic symbolic works.


Its main goals are:

  • Support artistic creation, education, dissemination, research
  • Support the art market and open space for more investors
  • Digitalise and preserve cultural heritage on Stellar blockchain
  • Promote artists from different disciplines in different spaces
  • Amplify the artistic offer
  • Develop cultural and artistic education

With our platform we want to provide a support and improvement to art and culture documentation and sharing.

Problems and Solution

1. Problem: heritage

  • Lack of trust, cases of stealing, cases of losses and difficulty on moving, certifying and documenting heritage and art pieces.
  • Risk that culture, designs, symbols, stories… are lost of forgotten from most of the population over time.

1. Solution: heritage

  • Document and store art and heritage with the help of blockchain technology
  • Provide safety and security to the parts involved in exchanging and moving art and culture objects.
  • Create an accessible and friendly space to upload and find art/heritage (Group 1,2,3)
  • Find NFTs near you and around the world
  • Work with Group 1,2,3 to provide guidance to tokenise art/heritage.
  • Connect blockchain with communities and digitalise the art to help conserve and promote cultural heritage.
  • Give art and culture the value it deserves with the trust that Stellar blockchain offers.

2. Problem: education

  • Art/Cultural education
  • Not all people are familiar with art and culture of different places in the world

2 Solution: education

  • Develop and make easier to access and see art and culture objects from different places.
  • Find NFTs near you and around the world
  • Provide educational material


Our products are addressed to entities that are placed and work in the artistic and cultural environment GROUP 1,2,3

We are not referring to a specific range of age of our public, despite nowadays the major number of people that has access to the technology is the younger. We are also referring to a public that is not located in a specific place or country, internet and blockchain give us the possibility to reach people in the different countries, in addition this is also one of the fundamental points of our project.

Group 1:

Culture/Art Organizations, communities and municipalities:

Cultural organisations count with the presence of different positions and have relation with collectors, municipalities or expositions. Cultural organisations are placed all over the world, we want to increase their incidence by connecting them with blockchain and provide them a platform to upload and document objects of artistic and cultural interest.


Museums and galleries count with a lot of artworks, physical and digital. These institutions have interest in supporting art and in preserving it. For them is fundamental to expose, document, research and explore new technologies to make safer and easier managing the great amount of art objects. Using blockchain offers them the possibility to document and trace works of art that are currently part of a collection, that need to be analysed, moved, updated…

Group 2:

Tourism and sale sector:

Shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, rural houses, marketplaces, commercial centres… interested in exposing, selling and uploading art in blockchain

Example: a restaurant in a city contracts an artist to paint in watercolour wives of the city. The resulting art is minted and uploaded on NUNA App. The physical and original art is exposed in the restaurant space with a QR code linked to the minted one. People who go to the restaurant can scan and buy the artwork NFT.

Group 3:

Investors and collectors (visitors, tourists, clients):

We want to offer investors the opportunity to purchase an NFT coming from a certified artwork, with the documentation and security blockchain offers. Group 3 are all people who are interested in creating their own gallery, with artwork coming from all over the world.

Example 1: a person visiting Mexico can see the NFTs he/she can buy near him/her.

Example 2: a person living in Poland wants to learn about Corean culture. He/she can see the gallery related to his/her interests.

Example 3: a person who is attending an event can scan a QR code and get an NFT as proof of attendance



The creative industries are a fundamental engine of economic, cultural and social development.

The global art market is includes a great number of professionals and users dealing with its components. It involves the primary market – concerning artworks that are sold for the first time – and the secondary market, dealing with re-sales.

According to Unesco cultural industries constitute an increasingly important component in today's knowledge-based economies. They contribute to economic growth, act as a vehicle for the transmission of cultural identity, favour the development of other areas (like transport, trade, tourism) change the way of seeing the world and educate people to be more open in front of new cultures.



  • Possibility to reach a great amount of people thought the internet - large Geographical Outreach
  • European commission is supporting blockchain related projects
  • Security, trust and traceability offer by the blockchain system
  • Larger possibilities to enter in the artistic/cultural economic sector
  • Volatility of crypto tokens
  • Innovative Concept
  • Strong business models
  • Vast and rich cultural and creative content  
  • Educational and training programmes
  • Already existing connections with artists and associations in different countries
  • Friendly interface
  • Educational material accessible


  • Difficult access for entities that do not have access or are not familiar with the used technologies
  • Difficult access to all the resources in countries where cryptocurrencies are not accepted
  • Limited cooperation between sectors for innovating
  • Lack of financial means and difficulty to attract private investment
  • Legal restrictions on crypto


  • Possibility to Candidate for European found and collaborate with EU programmes
  • Spread Art and Culture
  • Provide more opportunities to artists to share their art
  • Provide an efficient and innovative technology to the users
  • Documentation of art pieces in stellar blockchain
  • Dynamic ecosystem of talents
  • Awareness of benefits to create synergies between sectors
  • High demands for innovation
  • Attractiveness of new forms of content distribution
  • Fast evolution of digital technology and wide range of possibilities
  • Educate
  • Gamification (usage of NFTs in working environment as identification or proof of attendance)
  • Generate more economical movement in tourism sector


  • Volatility of cryptocurrencies
  • Changes in laws related to cryptocurrencies
  • Presence of larger and well known currencies/industries
  • Global competition and other emerging companies gaining market share
  • Insufficient improvement of the economic situation
  • Lack of trust form in blockchain technology
  • Not win the Stellar funds!!!! :)


We found our competitors in the following points:



Pukkart is a startup within the ActivationProgramme #blockchain. It is a DigitArt project that focuses on certifying digital and physical artworks. Each work of art has its own genetic map, Pukkart’s aim is to preserve and ensure that a work remains unique and genuine regardless of the reproductions it may have.



Telefónica is a telecommunications company. The Company is transforming itself into a “Digital Telco” which positions it very favorably to meet the needs of its customers and capture growth in new income.



Apenft has the mission to register world-class artworks as NFTs on blockchain. Aiming to support the growth of native crypto NFT artists. APENFT wants to upgrade the way artworks are stored and transform them from being elite-exclusive items to something that truly belongs to the people and mirrors their aspirations.

At present, they have over 300,000 sqft of fine art storage facilities across their area of activity. Apennft also released NFT TOKEN ERC721/TRC721.



It is a virtual space for artists, art galleries, curators and collectors to building a community. Their aim is to give all of the users a unique and authentic experience while creating, collecting and trading NFT art. With curators and art historians, they collaborate to select the most talented artists of the world.


Their goal is to educate and facilitate access of the art community to the advances in science and technology. To provide tools for protection, evaluation, accessibility, education, digitization…

The Arc/k Project


It is a nonprofit organization that digitally archives different kinds of artistic and cultural art pieces. “As great as the palaces of Versailles or as humble as a discarded arrowhead, our cultural heritage defines who and what we are—and we can all play a vitally important role in preserving it”.



A startup that enables a new way of keeping long-lasting records of life experiences. A POAP is a digital collectible created as a NFT (non-fungible token) powered by the blockchain.


We have planned to reach our audience through channels such as twitter, discord and telegram, where a growing community has already been created. Information related to the project is also available on the medium channel and on our website. Connect and interact with the public is fundamental for us and these channels allow us to establish and maintain a conversation with a multicultural public, from different areas.

Links to channels:

Marketing and communication objectives:

  • Expand art and culture
  • Enter into the cultural art market
  • Create connection with Group 1,2 users
  • Advertise and create a growing community
  • Increase in product / service sales in terms of volume
  • Improve the satisfaction of current customers in order to create deeper and lasting relationships over time


  • Develop particular contents - images, videos, texts - that can fully express the values, the core business, the characteristics of the company's products.
  • Focus on the message, on what we believe (role of art and culture in the society, opportunities given by blockchain)
  • Dialogue and interaction with the target entities
  • Creation of a curated and artistic promotional and educational material
  • Provide educational material about the NUNA platform and Stellar Network


Our project is decentralised, it will generate revenue by subscriptions and sale fees. We presume to gain economic independence in 1 year, after covering the initials costs.

  • App fees
  • Promotion and marketing campaign
  • Exhibitions
  • Consultancy




Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs helps provide aspiring European entrepreneurs with the skills necessary to start and/or successfully run a small business in Europe


Creative Europe

Culture sector initiatives, such as those promoting cross-border cooperation, platforms, networking, and literary translation.


Cultural Heritage (European Commission)

Several EU funding programmes support cultural heritage under the current Multiannual Financial Framework


European Solidarity Corps

A program which helps young people take part in projects that benefit communities, either abroad or in their own country.



Erasmus+ - accreditation in the fields of adult education, vocational education and training, and school education



Talentos Artesanales

A collective of 22 artisans-artisans from Lima. Our main purpose is to share our artisan knowledge that is part of the Peruvian culture, through the elaboration and sale of artisan products as well as experiential workshops in order to transmit the knowledge of different artisan techniques.


Hecho Con Talento

Social business that unites artisan women with people who value the art and roots of Peru.


Hilando Victoria

Master weaver specialized in the ancient and complex techniques of the stake loom (in Quechua language Pampa Away) and backstrap loom (q. Kallwa).



Le Bureau Information Jeunesse (BIJ)

A documentation area for all sectors of everyday life


URBANCE, Festival des cultures urbaines

It offers a varied program and brings together more and more spectators of all generations every year. It has become the unmissable event in the city of Marmande for lovers and curious about urban cultures.



Asociatia Super Tineri (ASIRYS)

Super Tineri (ASIRYS) Association is a non-profit and non-political organization, established in 2009 in Romania, which aims to develop communities through active participation, volunteering, cultural and non-formal education. The vision of ASIRYS is to engage citizens in order to develop them into leaders of positive and sustainable change for their communities.



Staxe deploys blockchain technology to align and safeguard both creatives and investor interests under a single automated and secure platform.


El Observatorio Blockchain

The Blockchain Observatory is the site to promote the creation of collaborative networks for the development of this technology and its application in our society



NFTesp is the first community of NFTs in Spanish. We are a point of reference on everything related to NFTs: News, Information and Memes.


Europa Joven, Madrid

A service for young people, provides information and participation in European programs.



Spippole Handmade

Art, Crafts, Crochet, Colorful and Creatures Store


Aspem - Associazione Solidarietà Paesi Emergenti

In Italy we work with schools, the territory, local authorities to raise awareness, train and involve citizens. All over the world we promote volunteering as an experience of exchange and growth for young people through local service initiatives and international mobility. Finally, we continue to collaborate with associations and realities present in Burundi, Peru, Bolivia, Guinea Conakry and Ethiopia.


Mediterrart per Erasmus+

Mediterrart for Erasmus + is a cultural association that wants to promote and give opportunities to young people regarding exchanges and European projects promoted by the European Erasmus organization at the cultural level




KANE, is a non-profit organization situated in Kalamata, Greece. Our main target group is young people aged 15-30, youth workers, youth leaders, mentors and trainers. However we are also working with all the local community. Our aim is to offer opportunities of personal and social development to youngsters through socio-educational activities and non formal education.


Culti Multi

Culti Multi is a cooperative that has experience in managing EU projects with a strong Training and R&D department



Dablo is an artist and tattooer in Kalamata, Greece.




“I want every student in the world to have programming lessons. Not for everyone to become a programmer, but for everyone to learn logical thinking.”

GO_PRO! Is an educational and modernisation project whose main goal is to create modern spaces for the development of key competences and to encourage primary and secondary school students to learn programming.



A place where everything crypto is shared!


No items found.


This project is the creation of two artists and developers ElyColz and Munay, both with extensive experience in the art world.

Eliana Colzani (Elycolz) - CEO NUNA PROJECT ART

She is an audiovisual and graphic artist, interested in exploring new technologies related to artistic creation. She is an artist part of the blockchain artist residency project. She has worked in different projects generating artistic, educational and promotional material. She worked with artists from Europe and Latin America (Peru, Romania, Spain, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria).


Omar Franco Trillo (Munay) - CEO NUNA PROJECT ART

He is an artist who combines audiovisual techniques with digital technology. He has participated in different art festivals in France, Poland, Bulgaria, Spain and Romania. He is an artistic curator on the blockchain artist residency project.