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Oinc - Automated Personal Finance

Oinc is a seamless personal finance solution for LATAM young adults, conveniently enabling better financial decision making

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March, 2021
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We know the potential of crypto/blockchain in creating a more efficient and freer financial environment. And LATAM, a region with so many financial barriers, can benefit greatly from it. But these tools are still only used by a small segment of our population.

We want to bring the benefits of Stellar Network to the average person, especially to the 150M+ young adults in LATAM who already are users of mobile banking solutions. There's a lot of momentum in Latam (specially Brazil) for truly building user focused financial solutions, due to Open Banking. Now, the user owns his data and can share it in order to pursue better options for himself, not only on what his own bank/broker can offer.

We already operate in Brazil, serving 9000+ active users. Oinc is similar to the US-based service called Acorns. Especially built for Braziliansour system automates the process of saving and investing. We want to create our new infrastructure using Stellar, to be able to expand it to more countries across LATAM.

Our first priority is to launch a digital wallet to support Stellar assets such as USDC and digital BRL. Wallets will represent the individual accounts and support cash-in/cash-out, pay and exchange money.

Second, we need to enable the users to invest/exchange asset-backed tokens and stablecoins of stronger currencies.

Third, we need to connect the Open Banking infrastructure with the new solution. And after having a broader understanding of what can be best for the user, enjoy possibilities to use Stellar infra on lending, international wire, and more.

In that way, using crypto/blockchain potential to provide a simple and efficient financial solution for young adults, while also making it easier for them to hold assets in a stronger currency and move money. Thus, providing financial freedom and wealth growth.

Prototype of our solution here (made during SCF Bootcamp)

See detailed tech specs (process maps on integrations, prototype, infrastructure guidelines,...)

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Progress so far

As advised on the SDF team’s feedback, we completed the SCF Startup Bootcamp (April 2023). This was an excellent opportunity to dive deeper into the project and adjust it, together with SDF team members. The feedback/process of the program was valuable to enhance our project.

Here are some materials produced during the Bootcamp:

1) Design Sprint:

2) Demoday Presentation + Prototype:

3) Demoday Video:

In addition to the materials, we also made changes focusing more on tech development. After navigating with more detail on each step of our project deliverables, we adjusted it. These changes are seen at the deliverables table of this application.

Also, on the regulatory challenges, we are partnering up with a registered MSB. Our partner (Conduit) holds the required licenses and can provide the services we need to navigate the Brazilian regulations for our solution.

To get there, we request a budget of  
Additional information

We are part of Techstars Payments 23' with Stellar and Moneygram. Also, we are planning to work with Conduit (a DeFi solution in Brazil that uses Stellar network) to support us on building/regulations.

Check our website:

We see the SCF grant as a way to help support a focused 3-month development effort that will get us through key milestones toward the use of Stellar network technology. This way we can maintain our current system while building expanded capability to migrate to Stellar based wallets and assets.

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First Deliverable

1st deliverable - User sign up/ authentication. Meaning that now a user can create an account, and login on the system. There is a KYC process during user registration

For this step, Pedro and Henrique (CTO and CPO) have set and prepared the guidelines/resources in order to complete it, from dev stack to design system. We then hired the services of a dev company with blockchain experience for this deliverable. We did the onboarding (06/12) and he already completed this 1st deliverable. The project is proceeding with daily reviews, and us 3 (me, Pedro and Henrique) are in contact with Rafael over a Discord channel to keep track of the progress. The estimated completion date was 06/28. Delivered on time.

The solution is mobile first, using React Native.

Additionally, we are already working on the 3rd deliverable, regarding dashboard designs and testing. We believe this will help our 2nd and 4th deliverable efficiency significantly, since the product itself is better structured and enhanced with users' feedback. Here's the link to the full app figma with user feedback adjustments:

How can a reviewer check you completed your first deliverable?

The user can now create an account, and login. KYC should verify data and validate it.

Here is the file of the app with the 1st deliverable:


Gabriel Duarte


Loves tech, finance and gaming. Dedicated to generating results is through convenience and simplicity

Pedro Carvalho


Seeks efficient ways to solve complex problems

Fernanda Guilhermino


Believes inclusion is the best way to create real value for people

Henrique Luciani


Enjoys creating and designing new and better ways to do things.

Our team is set up for success because we (1) have a deep and personal understanding of the problem; (2) put users first and are always communicating with them ; (3) demonstrate real results