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Stream, earn, invest, spend.

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Let us try to explain as simply as we can: What we want Osoci to be.

If we ask: “When you want to watch a video, where you’ll go?” Answer will be YouTube right? If you want to share pictures you’ll go to Instagram. Want to find a friend: Facebook. Wanna make a search: Google. Watching movies: Netflix.

There are tons of streaming platforms. (Twitch, periscope, bigo etc...) Even YouTube, Instagram, Facebook is trying to get into the market. However there is no “THE Brand” for the market as there are for other markets.

We want Osoci to be THE Brand for the Livestream market and target everybody. Not just a gamer or talker. To do that we are going to be highly innovative, community driven, crypto backed up.

Why Stellar: We are going to make tons of micropayments everyday with osoci token. Furthermore, making payments to our streamers around the world with stablecoins using stellar network is a right solution for us. ( Speed of the network and the low cost of the transactions. )

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Progress so far

We have been managing streaming projects for the last 12 years. Currently we have a 3rd generation version of our streaming software. OSOCI is going to be the 4th one. We got more than 2 Million users, and 11.000+ streamers at our local sites.

OSOCI is in the development process. We have built our development team in the first quarter of 2022 and started to build OSOCI.

We have finished our private sale round in April 2022 and raised 150.000 USD. Now we are in the Seed Sale period for fundraising. ( 600.000 USD Funding expected in Seed round )


OSOCI will be live in Q1 2023. So there are milestones for us to reach one by one to catch the opening day.

In the Q3 of 2022, OSOCI Beta test will start for our team. At Q4 of 2022 Beta tests will be open to our community.

To get there, we  will use our requested budget of  
  1. Funding is the key for us to grow our development & marketing team and keep them sustainable.
  2. We have been working with two different Law Offices for over 10 years already.
  3. Right now our team is good enough to move forward.
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Founder, CEO

Odul Kaya

Project Management

Ali Bölek

Lead of Front-end Team

Mert Kızılcık

Leaf of Back-end Team.

Our team has 12 Full time, 8 part time qualified people in their area.