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Payment Porte is in the final stages of building a digital financial service platform to offer end-to-end neo-banking and borderless payments solutions through a diverse array of enterprise-grade products and services. Additionally, Payment Porte is aligned to launch innovative private/public blockchain investment and lending services aimed to enable individuals, SMBs, and enterprises to optimize their financial activities. Our primary market is to innovate the maritime, and logistics verticals as well as asset managers, traders, exchanges, and hedge funds.

The platform is fueled by its native token named the PORTE Token which enables users to access various services and products within our ecosystem and beyond.

At a very basic level, we are addressing the centralized nature of traditional finance which comes with a wide set of drawbacks including a lack of transparency and associated risks. Most importantly, Payment Porte is solving the pain points related to long settlement times and low-grade customer support from legacy banking. Additionally, to address the fragmented nature of financial services platforms, we are also focused on developing a user-centric mobile super application that will offer a gamut of services -  e-banking, BNPL, micro-loans, and Invoice factoring lending (Trade Finance), and in Phase 3,  an e-commerce marketplace - all in one integrated platform.  

The Payment Porte platform utilizes the Stellar network as ‘Layer one blockchain’ supported by a private blockchain backend infrastructure. The platform harnesses the power of the Stellar network and uses features like asset issuance, claimable balances, and path payments for exchanging both fiat and digital assets and sending P2P remittance and B2B high-value transactions.

Payment Porte is a new Stellar solution. Since the Payment Porte is in its final development and has not yet launched the project it has only issued assets to date and is building in the private test net, we have not yet brought the main net products and services into the network. This will be a new solution to a large target of SMBs and enterprises unaware of the power of Stellar.

What's new?

Our technology partners have continued to build through our 6th iteration of the product, platform development, and additionally to Stellar integrations are the recent integration to the native Bitcoin network. Additional iterations to the UI/UX frontend have also taken place.

We have added a data security and cloud infrastructure architect who is setting up test net needs via PORTE token stake.

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Progress so far

Final Prototyping Stage: The project has continued to be developed organically since 2019 and has sustained through many trials and bootstrapping tribulations to finally reach the point of technology partnerships and the development of its application and proposed service offerings. We are 80% complete in the product development of our web and mobile applications and with the support of SDF, we plan to create great alliances and share the Stellar/Payment Porte partnership with the LatAm, UK/EU,  and Asian communities.

We have raised $500,000. USD since 2019 through 2 angel investors, where 90% have gone into platform/infrastructure development costs. We are currently fundraising for a pre-seed round of $500,000. USD


Within 6 months we would like to have set up partnership support with SDF, and Stellar dev/Social communities. We would like to meet our Roadmap goals of the Beta stage by May 22’ and platform launch by August 22’

To get there, we  will use our requested budget of  

The project needs both the love and support of SDF/SCF for XLM resources as funding for completing our development financial commitments, setting up a PORTE token fund to support AMM, Liquidity, and developing the volume trading ecosystem. Using Lumens in the network. Additional budgets for regulated Money transmitter/EMI market licenses for El Salvador, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, and Dubai.


At Payment Porte, we are working hard to develop digital financial solutions that can resuscitate low operating margins of many giant yet traditional industries like maritime, logistics, ports/customs, and extremely important trade facilities like cross-border payments, remittance, procurement, and trade finance.

  • How do you use Stellar in your solution?

We utilize Stellar for asset issuance, Network functions like path payments. Claimable balances, Anchors (USDC), transactions, DEX for trading and AMM for the PORTE utility token  & the soon launch of the pre-minted VESL coin, pegged to gold, and the desire to become an anchor to the carbon credit markets.


We have chosen to focus on major elephants in the room (Real-time digital payments, neo banking, and remittance) in the efforts to innovate and bring positive change to the maritime, trade, transportation, and logistics space. While most incubators, accelerators, and VCs tend to focus on investing in carbon reduction, supply chain Mgmt solutions, and sustainable environmental initiatives, we believe that the bloodline of global trade and expediting of financial trade settlement instruments are still one of the greatest challenges in these verticals.

A secondary market is for traders, exchanges, Hedge funds, and asset managers who seek real-time borderless payments, remittance, low-cost on/off ramps, payment gateways, and digital asset investment facilities.


The company Payment Porte has plans to generate revenues from multiple streams.  *The first stream is a one time user onboard/vetting/account opening fee for two tiers of platform services; A) The Basics (P2P- on-ramps-top-up, asset/wallet transaction management)

B) Platinum - Full suite of services (P2P, B2B with rails; fiat-digital asset/anchor, digital asset-fiat, remittance offramps to supported international banks, local cash offramps, loyalty programs, card services, integrated e-com shop)

*Secondly the platform will charge industry-low % transaction fees for:

on-ramp-wallet top-up, send and receive of digital assets, buy/sell assets, swap assets, remit fiat payments to bank accounts, and free forex conversions to supported order book liquid assets.

*Product-Hardware and Merchandise - We have developed a partnership for co-op Payment Porte/Cool wallet Hardware wallet and want to offer low markup for our users and partners. An e-com shop with merchandise like; Hardware wallets, cold storage coins (PORTE, VESL, BTC), Branded T-shirts, Hoodies, Hip Headwear, and socks.

*In-House Trading Desk- Trading revenue, accumulating reserve assets


Payment Porte plans to deploy a very low margin yet volume-based pricing and profit model. We want to pass on the savings of utilizing our platform, network, and the benefits of the low costs and scalability of the stellar network.

Our one-time user onboard/vetting/account opening fee for two tiers of platform services; A) The Basics - $36. USD (P2P- on-ramps-top-up, asset/wallet transaction management)

B) Platinum -  $169. USD - Full suite of services (P2P, B2B with rails; fiat-digital asset/anchor, digital asset-fiat, spend management- remittance offramps to supported international banks, local cash offramps, loyalty programs, card services, integrated e-com shop)

*Transaction fees for; on-ramp-wallet top-up, send and receive of digital    

assets, buy/sell an asset, swap assets, remit fiat payments to bank accounts, and free forex conversions to support order book liquid assets. All services will range from 0.25% to 0.50% with the goal of offering end-to-end transactions(on/off-ramps to fiat bank accounts at 1.5%, far more affordable for our users than much of the competition.

Financial Plan

Forecast – Key Assumptions

We are basing the revenue stream on current partnerships in process for our Payment Porte platform, as well as soon to be established MOUs with Third-Party Logistics services (3 PLs) 4 PLs / Procurement services, and maritime companies. Through our R & D, we have gathered potential sales goals based on historical data with these companies who are committed to test-piloting the platform beta stage. Additionally, we currently have over 200 early (pre-signed) users ready for the product launch. Our product can easily be customized for other industries such as online gaming, real estate, travel, and finance management, but for this model we are focusing on the logistics industry because we feel the need is apparently great, and there is a large readily available market close to us in El Salvador, and Panama. Most of our expenses are for the development of the product. In future years the increase in expenses is due to the increase in Revenue and the need to expand accordingly. In the future, as the project progresses, we will have fewer development costs, but more marketing activities and customer service expenses. We will also be bringing on additional Sales and Business Development teams to work directly with the thousands of maritime, shipping, and import/export companies in Panama. Based on our proposed change in the jurisdiction we are not reflecting the effect of future income taxes on the financial statements at this time.

Use of funds:

Immediately our funds will be used for the completion of the product development stage. When we receive additional funding, we can speed up this final important goal towards market traction. We will also be able to retain key employees and consultants and set up a modest operation in El Salvador and Panama City. At present many of our developers, and advisors are consulting on a project-by-project basis to keep the overhead down at this critical stage. The company looks forward to changing that with a successful pre-seed raise to cover these important budgets.

Sources of Funds:

At this time Payment Porte has already received a total of $480,000 investment from the following:

$30,000 from company founder, Jeff Catalano; From inception through the present


$150,000 from an "Angel" investor (Angel 1); 2019

$300,000 from an "Angel" investor (Angel 2); 2021

Sales Plan

Based on our Marketing Plan above, we will follow through with sales from the contacts and connections we made through consultants, at the events, and from the advertising we do. The company will also do a tremendous amount of direct guerilla marketing through local publicity and through connections in the public and private sectors.

1) PRIMARY SALES TARGET: A) Payment Porte will target partnerships with government ministries like El Salvador’s ministry of economics and commerce. We have interest from both public and private financial institutions. The company will also target the largest 3PL (Third Party Logistics Co.s) & Freight forwarders and bring modern payment solutions to the port. (Panama, El Salvador, Caribbean, Colombia, HK, Singapore, UK, EU, UAE).


Payment Porte has been approached by a couple of affiliate platforms, (Feanor) who would like to support the Porte Token economy by integrating it into their platforms as additional forms of payment. The company has also been in conversation with well-established Traders, asset managers, family offices, HNWIs, and exchanges who are all seeking digital borderless payment facilities at a more secure and lower entry cost. The company has a treasury reserve of 50,000,000 PORTE tokens, which were granted to the company by the PORTE token Foundation for the development of the ecosystem. The company is also the developer and custodian of the Vessel coin (VESL) and has minted 3,000,000,000 coins for gold-backed reserves.

Scale-up new Services

One of the most important service offerings will be the future launch of our lending arm. The company is in conversation with a few lending partners who have shown interest in a joint venture and utilizing the Payment Porte platform and backend network for transactions and loan remittance the This will allow vetted and preauthorized clients of Payment Porte to capitalize on high transaction amount lending products, connected to smart contracts, electronically signed that will do away with old bank guarantees and LOC’s. These innovations will bring huge efficiencies in time to settlement, and less human interaction which means lower labor costs and errors. In a world dominated by digital platforms for communications, transactions, and in the moment business decisions a strong focus on Mobile applications and partnerships in the Telcom space is on the horizon. The company plans to develop and establish a partnership with a major LatAm Telcom provider to gain a cross-over market share from their existing customer base. Payment Porte will seek expansion in operations with this partnership and use its leverage to gain mobile money licenses throughout Latin



The ocean shipping market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 5% from 2020 to 2026.  Ocean shipping is considered an essential mode of transportation.  It allows the success of global trade.  It has also contributed greatly to the increase in Gross World Product (GWP).  The revolution in global cargo shipping has been a key contribution to containerization, which brought a huge efficiency increase.  The primary factor impacting the shipping owner is that, in spite of the economic crisis, the marine shipping industry will continue to witness a growth boom.

A report issued by " Transparency Market Research " *(1), claims that due to the escalation of the e-commerce retail market, the global logistics market is experiencing high-speed growth in both its mass and valuation.  Presently, the e-commerce retail market drives the logistics market, and a related trend is expected to be observed over the forecast period 2020-2026.

According to a " Zion Market Research report " *(2), the global digital remittance market in 2018 was valued at around USD 1.93 billion and is looking forward to reaching about USD 8.61 billion by 2025.  The CAGR of the global digital remittance market is estimated to grow by  23.8% between 2019 and 2025.

By 2024, the global Blockchain market size is expected to reach USD 7.59 billion, per a new report by " Grand View Research, Inc."  

The digital currency market as of mid-March 2022 was over $2.08 Trillion USD and will continue to grow and morph into other markets like equities, and bond markets. The Payment Porte project is addressing problems from the technology innovation side more than from the cryptocurrency speculation side that most people are aware of.


We see new government regulation clarity as a major benefit for us and the industry as a whole. Our technology will create a bridge from the past paradigm to the present digital asset ecosystems, economies, and payment networks that are in a position to reap the world of Change. We see only possible downside risk as being more global war and uncertainty driven, but this too is an opportunity in itself to bring forth new networks and methods of preserving our financial sovereignty. Let's build and share!


Our value proposition comes from harnessing two incredible networks  (Stellar & Our proprietary private, permissioned blockchain, and neo banking infrastructure) which sets our goal to compete with current competitors like private Blockchain platform solutions like R3 Corda, Hyperledger, Ripple net but at low entry costs, and transaction fees for individuals, SMB’s, and enterprises. Besides the legacy commercial banking system, we will seek to slowly extract

market share from in-market and first-to-market platforms like Martrust. In addition to Private Blockchain payment networks, we plan to chip away market share from many pioneer Fintech companies from the UK and the US like Square, Stripe, PayPal, and Revolute, who charge high user fees, bad customer service, have bad vetting practices and can block/freeze user accounts at will.



A.   Logistics – Maritime – Trade Industry

1.    The company will deploy a modest budget to connect with Major 3PL/4PL leaders in Panama who operate Blogs, Newsletters, and Events to become a small sponsor of content banners, and to generate awareness and promotional platform initiatives.

2.    Connect with the Panama Ports Company and affiliates who would like PP to host educational online tutorials and meet-ups. Sign up users and offer promotions.

3.    Network with major Maritime companies which we are in conversation with, like Wilhelmsen, and the pursuit of Shipping lines such as MSC, Maersk, China Shipping, and Evergreen to better educate and be involved with alliance and industry transformation initiatives and events.

4.    Work with major Organizations in Panama such as Cuidad de Saber, Capatec, and Panama startups to better position the company and products with events, initiatives, and accelerators.

5.    Work with the Blockchain, Commercial and Legal programs and initiatives revolving around the digitalization of industry in the maritime, private sector, technology, finance, and education in Panama, El Salvador, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile.

6.    Apply for LatAm, Asian, Middle East, and European maritime and supply chain incubators, and accelerators (Raise additional capital, build partnerships/user base and traction)

B.   Finance – e-banking – Capital markets

1.    Work with the Superintendencia and Banking action working groups to better educate the public and private sectors about the benefits of blockchain and the PP platform. Create partnerships, and public sector contracts, and gain support from regulators and policymakers.

2.    Network with major local and global eCommerce platforms, retailers, and import/exporters, who may be seeking innovative payment and financial services.

3.    Network with major international and local Telecom companies. Push for promotions, offers to cross-sell, partnerships, and mergers.

4.    Network with major family offices, Hedge Funds, and Asset managers and sponsor small events and networking gatherings to share the benefits of joining the PP platform.

C.   Blockchain, Crypto, Digital Asset space

1.    Work closely with asset rating sites like;,, and others to promote and sponsor events, AMA’s, Airdrops, and token sale events

2.    Work closely and apply for Stellar SDF grants, Community Funds to promote the platform and its assets PORTE and VESL for more corporate, retail investor, and partnership support and funding (XLM, USDC, and Fiat)

3.    Tie in with Circle US for any initiatives to promote USDC and gain funding, sponsorship assets, etc.

4.    Work with 3 reputable and affordable Crypto content creators/marketing groups for gaining more project video reviews, building community and users in channels such as We chat, Reddit, Telegram, Twitter, and Discord.

5.    Hire 2 affordable community managers (LatAm/Asia) to better hype up action, and share project updates, and promotions, on our social media channels Telegram, Discord, Keybase,

6.    Keep active on social media channels LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and onboard community members and users. Run promotions and giveaways.

7.    Work towards listings with launchpad programs from major exchanges like Binance, OKEx, and Bithumb. Gain low-cost listings, token sale events, and promotions for new investors and users. Focus on SDEX!

8.    Be active in Podcasts, Interviews with major tech media outlets, and share regular press releases about products, promotions, and updates. Gain editorial drive, free exposure, and potential new investors and users.

9.    Run a marketing campaign with CoolWalletX – A co-branded Hardware wallet.

Run hype and promo through their community of over 200,000 active users and followers. Run an IWO Initial Wallet Offering to pre-sell products to their user base.


A.    Maritime-Logistics-Trade Finance

1.    Run small ads in maritime publications/media outlets (web) ie: Splash, Maritime Commerce media outlets, (intl.)

2.    Run small campaigns on Shipping-Logistics Websites (banners-links) ie; DP World, J.J Caign & Assoc. El Salvador, Panama, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, UK

3.    Buy FB, Linkedin Ad space in select maritime, logistics, trade finance groups/channels

  • Sales:
  1. Hire 3 local Latam sale agents, and BD networkers (El Salvador, Panama, Colombia) Utilize our in-house Co-founder executive business developers to tap network resources and open doors in Latam, Asia, UK/EU, Dubai
  2. Continue to pursue major partnerships with platform users from major Maritime/Procurement/Port companies, Airline and Transportation, energy, Real estate, and Asset management companies globally, whom we are in conversation with.
  3. Scale Globally, organically via acquiring new licensing in new jurisdictions and cater to our partner's needs.
  4. Attend as many educational, convention, and commercial events as possible budget permitting.


The company has already established government-level relationships with a few ministries in El Salvador like the ministry of economy and finance. We have been invited to join the central bank registry and network of licensed companies for tech and financial solutions. Already networking with and desiring to work with the Bitcoin Beach education center Hope House in coastal El Salvador. We also have some great relationships with top global maritime, procurement, finance, energy, mining, and real estate companies will plan to build with.

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Jeff Catalano

Co-Founder, CEO, Freedom fighter

Margie Soeffing


Simon Wilcox

Business Development, Investor, Partner

Arnab Sengupta

Chief Technology Advisor, Co-founder, Partner

Ivan Gonzalez

Business Development Advisor, Co-founder, Partner