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Phoenix ($PHO)

Phoenix's AMM enables decentralized swaps of crypto assets and is the first of a full suite of synergistic DeFi protocols

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Introduction: Phoenix’s AMM DEX intends to be the first of several products launched by Phoenix. The DEX will serve as a cornerstone of the Phoenix and Soroban ecosystems. Phoenix should not be thought of as “just a DEX” or a singular DeFi product, rather it should be regarded as a suite of synergistic DeFi applications designed to synergize with all other Phoenix products to drive outsized value accrual.

Overview of Phoenix DEX Phase 1: Initially our DEX will launch with features found standard on many DEXs, such as swaps, adding liquidity, creation of xy=k pools, and allowing liquidity providers to earn rewards. We describe this initial deployment as Phoenix DEX "Phase 1". Having studied several DEXs, we have identified the unique needs of both liquidity providers and traders. The needs of both traders and liquidity providers are our North Star in how we approach product design. Traders desire low fees, low slippage, fast order execution, and a variety of trending and "blue chip" assets, while liquidity providers want sustainable yields, reduction in impermanent loss, low “hold up” of liquidity, and certainty quality of life features such as auto-compounding. Our DEX and our future suite of products will leverage Soroban’s 5-second finality and 150 TPS to provide DeFi users with a seamless and high-speed experience.

Potential Synergies in the Future: As additional Phoenix products are launched in the future, the utility and features of the DEX will become richer for Phoenix users.

  • LSD: When Phoenix Liquid Staking Derivative assets are launched, these assets can replace the underlying base assets in a liquidity pool, which allows liquidity providers to earn more sustained yields which will help offset impermanent loss. By making Liquidity Providing more attractive, we expect higher inflows of liquidity to Phoenix, which also reduces the slippage for traders.
  • Lending & Borrowing: When lending and borrowing are released, underlying LP positions (LSD based) can serve as collateral for borrowing, further increasing capital efficiency within the Phoenix ecosystem. This will also add greater utility to LP positions, which should also be accretive LP TVL. Additionally, by allowing users more access to capital we also expect an increase in trading activity and in trading fees. Additionally, by offering lending and borrowing on LSD assets, collateral depositors can earn underlying compounded staking yield on top of borrowed interest.

Over time Phoenix DEX will iteratively upgrade beyond Phase 1 as the products mentioned above are launched. With each product launch, Phoenix DEX and the Phoenix ecosystem will provide more utility to the Soroban ecosystem. We are submitting this application to fund the deployment of Phoenix AMM DEX Phase 1. We intend to submit future applications for LSD and Lending & Borrowing to further upgrade the Phoenix DEX to strengthen the utility of Phoenix and the Soroban ecosystem.

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First Deliverable

The first 10% of our deliverables were mainly about planning the architecture, as well as approaching the technologies used by Soroban.

  1. We have now completed a contract implementation for an XYK pool according to promised milestone. It is possible to provide liquidity, as well as execute swaps.
  2. Our partner design agency started to create the app design. We have already received first results on this.
  3. Also, we made progress in the frontend. The demo app (Link) will be finished in the coming days, as there were still some issues with RPC endpoints in connection with Freighter's experimental mode.
How can a reviewer check you completed your first deliverable?

You can check the above mentioned points by the following:

1. Check contract-code here. Also, those contracts are already deployed on testnet:

$PHO token hash: 984af61b50b042c0dad2f30b369513b12bf4b2f0b705e0165fce57c2105b7523

$FAK token hash: a407b0a76cd94a845196026af8d6240b4e709ecd969101baf5d58d3b63fb085d

$FAK / $PHO Pair hash: b39b7afe36930c98d247fd203795d977bbef6f2fb617f1fe50532b45b10114ae

2. Unfortunately, we can't attach files here. We uploaded the screenshots to some filehoster here:

3. You can track the frontend's progress here. User's can already connect their wallet's and see the different token balances with our logic. We are right now experiencing a few RPC endpoint issues when it comes to signing transaction. As soon as we sorted this out, we will deploy a demo UI for future reviews to make it easier for reviewers.



Phoenix is led by a dynamic team of experienced professionals. The team was founded earlier last year and has already made a name for itself in the DeFi space by running multiple CosmWasm protocols with approximately $5 million in Total Value Locked (TVL).

The team has a diverse skill set, with core contributors hailing from the Cosmos Ecosystem and bringing a wealth of experience in blockchain development, smart contract programming, psychology, business, marketing, and financial engineering. Expertise in these areas will be instrumental in the successful launch and growth of Phoenix's suite of DeFi protocols beginning with the DEX.

What sets Phoenix apart is its commitment to building an interconnected DeFi ecosystem that utilizes the Soroban smart contract platform. This vision requires a team with a deep understanding of both the technical and financial aspects of the DeFi landscape. Phoenix has assembled such a team, with members located in North America, Europe, and Asia.

We prioritize transparency and community engagement and are constantly seeking feedback from users and industry experts. The future looks bright for Soroban, Phoenix, and its ecosystem of DeFi protocols.

Jakub Bogucki

Smart Contract Architecture and Development

  • 9 years of professional experience in IT using Rust (last 4 years) , C++, C, Python, and JavaScrip
  • 2 years of professional experience in crypto as a Rust Smart Contract Developer working with Confio
  • Worked on various protocols in Cosmos, including Tgrade (PoE), lending protocol for Osmosis, decentralized exchange, liquid staking derivatives, and others
  • Contributor and maintainer of libraries cw-plus, CosmWasm-std

Milan Steiner

Full Stack Developer / Frontend

  • 6 years of professional experience as a developer
  • 2 years of experience in the blockchain industry
  • Worked for Confio, maintaining CosmJS, created CosmWasmJS, and many smaller contributions to the Cosmos Ecosystem
  • Winner of HackAtom 2021 hackathon


Strategy & Operations, Marketing, Business Development

  • 10+ years of work experience in Fortune 500 companies with experience in strategy, operations, marketing, and business development.
  • Previously served on DAOs & multi-sigs for leading projects in the Cosmos ecosystem
  • Founder of a crypto consultancy and resides in Puerto Rico
  • Earned MBA from top 20 ranked program in the USA

Pavlov’s Bell 🍃#5772

Community Lead, Marketing

  • Earned Masters in Psychology with an Emphasis in Behavior Analysis
  • 2 years of experience supporting teams and users in Web3