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Decentralized price feed oracle grid for Stellar DeFi smart contracts to support derivatives, lending, and asset management

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Reflector is a decentralized price feed oracle network for Stellar DeFi smart contracts.

Price provider feed is managed by a network of trusted nodes controlled by reputable organizations. Each of them continuously monitors Stellar network for new trades to determine fair prices for every tracked asset. The account which controls oracle price feed contract, is protected by M-of-N multisig, so any price update or contract code modification requires a confirmation from the majority of the participating organizations.

Nodes periodically generate transactions to update the price feed contract internal state with new prices. Those transactions get broadcasted to other peer nodes to aggregate signatures. Since all servers run the same codebase and take snapshots at predefined timeframes, the generated update transaction should be always identical for all servers, unless they are lagging significantly behind the consensus. Once the transaction gathers enough signatures to match the threshold, it is submitted to Stellar network. Consequently, fresh price data becomes available to all consumers.

Consumer contracts can fetch price data for any asset tracked by the oracle following the recently proposed oracle interface SEP. Aside from standard methods that allow retrieving price only designated in a base asset, we also provide automatic cross-price calculation for any pair formed by two arbitrary assets quoted by the oracle and automatic TWAP over the requested range.

We focus on trust, relying on proof-of-authority consensus instead of widely used proof-of-stake. Utilization of the built-in Stellar multisig mechanism leverages the time-proven security of the mainnet instead of some in-house brewed consensus mechanism.

Storing the data in the oracle contract provides many advantages compared to other architecture based on request-response model: immediate data availability in consumer contracts, low fees, straightforward invocation, efficient ledger utilization.

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Both StellarExpert and Albedo (which were awarded SCF grants several years ago) are mature and well-established services. We keep supporting them and make sure that they will continue to evolve alongside with Stellar.

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First Deliverable

Smart contract with public price feed interface and administration/governance functionality

How can a reviewer check you completed your first deliverable?

- Read the Oracle Consumer Interface SEP proposal

- Check our contract implementation and usage examples (in the /examples subdir)

- Ensure that the smart contract implementation matches Oracle Consumer Interface proposal and also contains functions for administration/governance logic



OrbitLens (@orbitlens)

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Hawthorne (hawthorne#7187)

Smart contracts artisan


We run Stellar validator nodes and maintain services like StellarExpert, Albedo, Refractor...