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Remit TV

Remit TV enables LMIC and Diaspora consumers in Tier 1 markets to create/earn/send digital money derived from their content

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Cross-Border Payments

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United Kingdom, Essex, Chelmsford City

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Products & Services

Stellar Crypto Wallet for the opportunity to purchase digital video assets

Remit TV watchers and creators will be offered the opportunity to purchase the video that they have created (please see attached demo screenshot). The digital asset that has been created by the creator becomes a purchasable product that any viewer or creator can purchase.

What problem does this solve?

  • Remit TV enables consumers with limited access globally, to earn a substantial  income from their content
  • Remit TV simplifies the process by leveraging active users to easily purchase videos that they either want to own due to simply being family members or for commercial gain by receiving the video in their creator channel/account and being tipped by their own followers on their own creator channel.

Who will use this opportunity?

Remit TV targets a broad user base and taps into all users and markets where there is an exchange of value and content. This comprises:

LMIC Consumers

  • Low to middle household income but own a smartphone.
  • Consumers engaged in social media / influencer / creator activity who do not earn an income from their activity
  • Remittance countries where families receive $100 - $300 per month from their families who work in other countries.
  • Consumer with no access to the financial system

Diaspora in Tier 1 Markets

  • Diaspora with low and middle household income living in Tier 1 or Tier 2 countries
  • Diaspora with family back home who send $100 - $300 per month cross border to family and friends back home.
  • Diaspora who engage with social media/content/influencer who want to earn an income from their own content

How will Remit TV and Stellar work together?

Providing a Stellar Remit TV Master Wallet

  • With Remit TV’s already established partnership with Orokii ( a remittance App and payments business on the Stellar blockchain ), Remit TV will have a Master Stellar wallet where funds will be received from users sending money cross border home for remittance and the for users to purchase Digital Assets ( videos / pictures etc ).
  • The Stellar Master Wallet is managed by Remit TV and manages:
  • The transfer of Crypto to the Stellar wallets of content creators in the Remit TV App once they have reached the threshold for when the Stellar Wallet matures ( Circa $5 credit earned)
  • Once a user remits money through Remit TV, the money is received into the Remit TV Stellar Master wallet and then sent instantly to the recipient into their Stellar wallet in Remit TV. The Wallet is instantly ‘live’ as it guarantees that the wallet has reached the threshold of $5 to open the Wallet and receive the payment.

Partnership with Orokii - Receiving payments

  • The partnership with Orokii enables APIs to be integrated into the Remit TV Stellar Master Wallet
  • The User will be able to send money through Orokii which provide all Licenses, Compliance and Steller updates and Protocols

Partnership with a Stellar Anchor

  • Remit TV is in discussions with existing Stellar Anchors to provide global checkout options for Remit TV creators and Remit TV users, such as Arf and Mykobo.
  • The checkout options will be offered from both the Remit TV Creators and Users Stellar Wallets which exist within the Remit TV App.
  • The Anchor will provide multiple options that include: Bank account, Mobile Wallets, Airtime and Data and much more.
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Progress so far

Since the last submission Remit TV has made significant progress in the Remit TV offering. The key developments are:

  • Remit TV with existing POC model is now back and approved in google play
  • There has been a focus on the correct model and partnerships within the Stellar Ecosystem. It has been a process of discussion with potential partners that can facilitate the Remit TV model within the Stellar ecosystem. These partnerships have now since been established:
  • Partnership with Orokii : A process of building a relationship with Bisi and the team and confirming that Orokii will provide:
  • the required APIs to create a USDO (Orokii stablecoin) master wallet from which RemitTV can issue USDO tokens to its creators' wallets.
  • Orokii will also provide an API to integrate with Receiving Anchors that RemitTV will implement within its infrastructure for payment delivery methods, such as bank payment, cash, wallet payment, air, and data top
  • Anchor partnership to provide access to checkout options for Creators and Users of Remit TV. Conversations are ongoing with Mykobo and Arf.
  • Partnership conversations with Fimi for providing the NFT platform for Digital Assets as NFTs for the 2nd phase of development.

To Raise $10k from the SCF which will match funding from Remit TV two private  investors in order to:

  • Complete designs of the Remit TV App and website that include the Stellar Wallet and full remittance and digital asset proposition
  • To integrate Orokii APIs and create the Stellar Master Wallet
  • Develop the Remit TV app Stellar frontend and Stellar backend to include all in-app development/changes with Creator and Users wallet, purchase of digital assets and Remittance opportunities
  • Integrate fully into the agreed Anchor
  • Go live with a small advertising budget with Stellar integrations for a POC trial in Philippines.
To get there, we request a budget of  
  • Remit TV has to engage with web designers to further the the UI and UX including Stellar partner services
  • Allocate developer time for integrations of APIs from Orokii into the Remit TV backend
  • Create new dashboards and monitoring services on the payment rails with sense checking with the Orokii partnership.
  • Integrate the selected Anchor into the Remit TV backend with agreed commercial terms.
  • We would appreciate and benefit from the support of the SCF or a Mentor through the SDF to guarantee the best process moving forward.
Additional information

Remit TV’s mission is to build a fairer society for all. Today there is no level playing field for a content creator unless that person lives in Tier 1 markets and has resource, access, and money to be able to take part in the growing digital economy. Remit TV unequivocally stands for the statements below and will be resolute in creating a platform for good.

The cornerstones of Remit TV?

Fairness: Everyone can earn from their content from the first day and the first view.

Access to all for the Digital Economy: Anyone over the age of 16 can become a creator and influencer and receive money across borders, through ‘free tipping‘ or receiving digital money driven through the Stellar ecosystem within the app.

A safe environment: Remit TV offers content from creators as long as it passes the auditing process that includes : No Violence, No Sex or Nudity etc. thereby educating people on “bad content” and anything that might create a harmful environment for any given age. It is imperative that Remit TV does not follow the existing social platforms which is ‘ money at all costs’. That is not what Remit TV represents. Good content is safe and without jeopardy.

Alternative to existing social / influencer / remittance: Today there are a handful of businesses that dominate each space in social / influencer / remittance. The barrier to entry in these marketplaces is massive however with a different message and ambition to build loyalty and a relationship with every user from our cornerstone principles, Remit TV will offer an alternative that starts with the many with no opportunities and grows to being a company making a difference every day.

Where is Remit TV Today?

Remit TV has conducted a successful Beta Test / POC based on the first phase of the development. In 2021 Remit TV app was approved into the Play Store ( and is still approved in the Play Store ). The basis of tipping waas via ‘Sukiz’, our then “in-app” coin, gifted to users and creators  for tipping creators globally.

Was there an appetite?

The trial took place in the Philippines and was presented as a new social platform that enables all to earn from their content on the first view. Sukizwere gifted upon downloading of the the App, gifted on registering in the app and then also gifted upon submitting content. The success in the Philippines was huge and the organic growth from a marketing spend of $2,800 was huge. The appetite to become a creator and build a community in Remit TV was set. Checkout options included: Airtime and Data, PAYTM, Paypal and others dependent on GEO.

However, what was truly a special result was the organic growth globally, specifically in the Middle East and Filipino Diaspora globally. The App took off and the base grew with content coming in from the Middle East and around the world. The content came from Filipinos working outside of the Philippines and being able to tip each other.

Why is this?

Simply, YT, Insta, FB and others have barriers to entry. YT with 4,000 hrs yearly  and 1k subscribers ( rolling ) thresholds makes it impossible for creators to earn. Why are there so little Indian Youtubers with under 1m followers? It is because it is very hard to break through. Remember, only 1%  of all creators earn from their content on YT!

2nd stage of Remit TV Development

Remit TV has raised money from private investors to part fund the investment to integrate and build and deliver a POC that Remit TV users and creators will send money, purchase videos and enable a global organic growth reaching consumers, who need to most help. The $10k requested is a contribution ( if selected ) from the SCF to enable Remit TV to make the right decisions in how we move forward. The support of the SCF is vital to our success. We understand that to move forward without the SCF support would be incredibly difficult.

Simply, we want to work with an incredibly influential and knowledgeable group of Stellar enthusiasts and partners to guarantee the success of the Remit TV project.

Future integration of NFT Marketplace with Fimi

The integration With RemitTV will see Fimi Market as the main marketplace used for media sales. Users of RemitTV will have their work uploaded to the marketplace through the use of an api, with sale proceeds being forwarded to RemitTV for disbursement.

The Fimi NFT Marketplace will contain a RemitTV branded section for easy locating and viewing of all RemitTV content. To provide as much exposure as possible, the videos will also be searchable throughout the entire marketplace, not just within the RemitTV branded experience. RemitTV will also be marketed as a Fimi NFT Marketplace partner within Fimi Market Inc. marketing (social media, press releases etc).

Top level overview:

  1. User uploads creative to RemitTV
  2. RemitTV shortlists creative for use on the Fimi Marketplace.
  3. API integration automatically lists item as Buyer’s Choice on the marketplace.
  4. User details on RemitTV is used to create artists account on the marketplace.

User flow:

  1. RemitTV creates one wallet per Fimi supported chain
  2. RemitTV onboards user
  3. User uploads creative
  4. RemitTV shortlists creative as one for the marketplace
  5. Item is listed using the username from RemitTV however it is tied directly to the RemitTV main account
  6. Item is sold and funds sent to the RemitTV wallet
  7. RemitTV disburses funds to creator
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First Deliverable
Remit TV

Remit TV decentralizes the power of earning money from content and offers every individual, globally, with a smartphone, the ability to earn money from their content by being tipped for free by friends, family, community or strangers. Remit TV is based in the UK and today specifically targets primarily low/middle income individuals in South East Asia and Diaspora in Tier 1 We are driven by becoming a genuine alternative in social, influencer and remittance marketplaces, for everyone.


Tom Shrager (tomshrager)


I am an entrepreneur who has worked within the media, mobile and Fintech/Adtech space.

I have created multiple businesses from the first Location Based Mobile Service Advertising space using Bluetooth to creating global airtime and data rewards Apps.

I am passionate and driven by doing the right thing and being part of a business that makes a difference to people's lives. I am driven and determined to bring an alternative to the global social, influencer and remittance order that changes people's lives for the better.

Legacy is everything.

Elizabeth Intsiful (Zwickiful)

Chief Analyst / IR

Elizabeth has over 11 years of investment banking and corporate finance experience initially as an M&A banker both at Credit Suisse and Houlihan Lokey in their Consumer, Retail and Leisure Teams in London for the first 7 years of her career. She then headed the advisory business of Blockhaus, a Swiss investment banking platform, focussing on ICO / STO Advisory as well as digital assets before working at boutique advisory firm NKB Advisory for the last 4 years. Elizabeth graduated in Economics and Management from the University of Oxford

Oles Pavliuk (

Lead Frontend Developer

Oles has over 7 years of experience in IT industry as PM and Frond-end developer. Having led and implemented multiple projects in various spheres of business including entertainment, social networking, finances and crypto, education and healthcare and others. Has experience in bringing the projects to life from the phase of idea and up to successful market reach. Keen tech enthusiast with the experience in mobile, back-end and web development.


Head of Development

Full-stack developer specialized in: Java, Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, Spring Security, Typescript, Angular, Angular Material, Javascript