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Scalps is a social payments network offering merchant discovery, payments, social interactions, and an on-chain loyalty system.

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26 Sept 2022
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We have already launched the map-based crypto-friendly merchant discovery platform and are actively recruiting merchants. We are seeking funding for the blockchain loyalty system layer which includes Stellar wallet integration for merchants and consumers for loyalty points and branded loyalty NFT creation, loyalty point asset design and issuance, Soroban smart contract design and implementation for:

a. Customizable merchant discounts;

b. Atomic swaps between Stellar assets and assets from other chains to calculate discounts in real time;

c. Discount loyalty NFTs;

d. VIP Membership loyalty NFTs;

e. Event access/ticketing NFTs;

f. Branded collectibles NFTs.

We believe that loyalty NFTs, which are an important component of the incentives aspect of the Scalps platform, and a major differentiator compared to other payment systems on Stellar and elsewhere, are a great use case for Soroban smart contracts, given that the NFTs will feature validity time spans, expiry dates, access control, collectability, and complex customized discount regimes.

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Our submission for the Stellar Community Fund focused on describing the Scalps platform in general terms including how it will use the Stellar blockchain and Soroban smart contracts. As a result, the review recognized the potential value of a blockchain loyalty system, but we could have presented better:

1. How critical the Stellar network and Soroban smart contracts are to the incentives-driven architecture of the Scalps platform.
2. How the loyalty system at the center of Scalps is a key differentiator in the payments landscape.
3. How the Scalps platform will add value to the Stellar ecosystem, including onboarding new users from other chains to Stellar.

Scalps combines a global map-based discovery engine for merchants that accept crypto payments, a multi-chain payments platform, and a tiered blockchain-based loyalty system. Every Scalps user, including Merchants and customers, get a Stellar wallet by default regardless of which cryptocurrency they actually use for payments.

This is for a couple of reasons:
1. Basic Loyalty Points are exclusively a Stellar asset that is minted and burned based on demand. These points are used to apply discounts, or earned, at the point of payment. The fiat value of the points is calculated automatically during payment using smart contracts.
2. NFT Loyalty Points offer additional functionality such as VIP Membership, Event Access, and branded collectibles, which all rely on smart contracts for execution.Value-Add to Stellar: Since every Scalps user will have a Stellar wallet for points management, we believe Scalps adds significant value over time by seamlessly onboarding users of other chains and payment networks on to Stellar.

The main value proposition of Scalps is offering merchants a way to let customers know that they accept cryptocurrencies, incentivize spending, repeat visits, event attendance and brand loyalty. By so doing, merchants can reach not only hardcore crypto users, but also crypto newbies who wish to take advantage of loyalty incentives.

We believe the multi-chain aspect of Scalps, will bring crypto users from popular chains to the Stellar ecosystem because all Scalps incentives are built on Stellar. Loyalty points are a Stellar asset. Discounts all involve Stellar/Soroban transactions. Acquisitions and redemptions of points occur on the Stellar blockchain. On Scalps it is not possible for users to “leave” the Stellar network.

Loyalty Points are the incentive and they come in the form of a Stellar asset (basic loyalty) or Soroban smart contracts (NFT loyalty). In addition, XLM and other Stellar assets will be supported by default. Stellar assets will also have the highest visibility of all assets supported on the Scalps platform. We agree that Scalps, like any other payments network, is more likely to gain traction in some markets than others.

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First Deliverable

Our first deliverable includes 3 distinct components:

  • POINTS asset issuance and Loyalty Points Wallet (Stellar wallet) integration for vendors and customers.
  • Integrate Loyalty Points campaign discovery, claims into our map interface, and vendor profiles. There are some bug fixes we are actively fixing during this 1st week of August especially around Freighter wallet and Walletconnect integration. We have marked those tasks as In Progress for now.
  • Publish technical specifications + Medium blog post on how Soroban can be used to build multi-functional Loyalty NFTs.


Further Instructions for testing the loyalty points token and campaign

  • You will need to test from 2 wallets, one for a customer and one for a vendor.
  • As we could only test pubnet on the Lobstr wallet for walletconnect, please install the Lobstr wallet.
  • Add the POINTS asset ( to your wallet using the address GC6JX2RYU75MEBWQN6PI7RYDKMI7VQRN4PKXTLZ6MLWAXR7XZCTSGBYR.
  • We are still in the process of allowing the Freighter wallet to view the POINTS asset so that we can trust it.
  • We have set up demo accounts for testing:
  • Customer
  • Username: scalpscustomerdemo
  • Password: scalpscustomerdemo
  • Vendor
  • Username: scalpsvendordemo
  • Password: scalpsvendordemo

Scalps Vendor - creating a vendor campaign

  • Login to the Scalps vendor portal -
  • To connect your wallet, go to the vendor profile on the update profile page. This will allow you to synchronise your connected wallet with the user profile.
  • Have some USDC available in your pubnet wallet.
  • Go to the loyalty campaign page.
  • Click "Create a Campaign" and select how many users you want to target (for the purposes of this test and because we are using USDC on the pubnet, create a tiny campaign that won't break the bank :)
  • When the vendor clicks the create button, a Lobstr wallet transaction will be initiated.
  • Once the vendor authorizes the transaction, the campaign will be created, and the POINTS tokens are allocated to the campaign for customers to claim via the customer discovery app.

Scalps Vendor - monitor a vendor campaign

  • Login to the Scalps vendor portal -
  • Click "Manage Campaigns" from the dashboard.
  • Your active campaign should show on the list of your campaigns.
  • The vendor can now see users who claimed points tokens.

Scalps Customer - claiming POINTS tokens

  • Login to the Scalps customer portal
  • Connect your Lobstr or Freighter wallet to your profile under the wallet page.
  • You need to trust the POINTS asset (, add it as an asset in your Lobstr wallet.
  • The customer can visit the vendor profile, click the claim button, and the POINTS tokens will then be assigned to the customer's wallet.

Scalps Vendor and customer - payment transaction spending points tokens

  • As a customer, login to the Scalps customer portal
  • As a vendor, login to the Scalps vendor portal
  • As a vendor from the dashboard, select a currency for the customer (USDC or XLM). Enter the bill amount and tap the green button to set up a transaction for payment. A QR code will be generated. The vendor can enter a memo for the transaction and the QR code should be ready for the customer to scan
  • On the customer side, go to the wallet page and connect to your wallet via walletconnect. Tap the scan QR code icon (top right of the screen).
  • The QR code scanner screen will display. The customer can then scan the vendor generated QR code. After scanning the QR code, a page with the transaction details will show. Here a customer can also choose the POINTS tokens so that they can add the tokens as a discount to the transaction.
  • The customer clicks the "Send" button.
  • The transaction authrization will be sent to the customer's Lobstr wallet for authorization for payment.
  • The transaction will then be concluded.

That pretty much covers it we are still actively working on refining everything around the customer app, vendor app and API.

Please contact us and let us know if there are any questions or issues regarding this submission.


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Scalps LLC - registration no. 445664282

As a startup in the geolocation social payments and web3 space, Scalps aims to innovate and develop at a faster pace compared with traditional mainstream players in the geolocation social payments industry.


Grigory Mkrtchyan

Position: Creative Lead / co founder

Bio: An entrepreneur, cryptocurrency investor, blockchain and web3 consultant.



Samir Franciscus

Position: Technical Lead / co founder

Bio: A versatile software engineer proficient in building web, mobile, cloud and blockchain solutions with extensive experience over the past 20 years.



Stellar quest:

Giorgi Malakmadze

Position: Lead Blockchain Engineer / Solutions Architect

Bio: Founder and developer of a couple of web3 and crypto projects.




Niamatullah Edwards

Position: Lead Engineer / Architect

Bio: A technical enthusiast with over 20 years experience in software development.


Stellar quest:

David Kaliashvili

Position: Lead Frontend Engineer

Bio: David is an expert in front end development with vast experience using React, CSS and Javascript in general.


Phiwokuhle Vimbayo

Position: Lead Mobile Developer

Bio: A passionate mobile developer



Sheraan Amod

Position: Advisor and mentor

Bio: Executive leader with strong global experience in the technology sector and founder of multiple funded startups.


Levan Lursmanashvili

Position: Project Manager

Bio: A great manager, scheduler, organizer and people’s person.


Adeeb Franciscus

Position: Marketing Lead

Bio: An innovator and leader in the brand and marketing innovation


Cade Lamalette

Position: Growth and Sales Strategy

Bio: Digital marketing and sales strategist with strong analytical skills.


Mphatso Chilenga

Position: Data Science and Analysis

Bio: Mphatso Chilenga is a Data & Analytics Subject Matter Expert (SME) with a strong theoretical and practical background in various subdomains of data science.


Armen Sargsyan

Position: Social Media Content Creator

Bio: Digital content creator with a strong skill set in photography.


Our team is set up for success because:

TEAM EXPERIENCE: Specifically related to Stellar and Soroban, our core software development team members have over 10 years of experience developing various web, blockchain and web3 projects using Node.js and Rust. More broadly, Scalps dev team members have a combined experience of over 60 years building a wide variety of database-driven Web applications, including retail and e-commerce systems, loyalty management and CRM systems, and mission-critical financial applications such as pension management systems, for brands such as Pepkor, Capfin, Takealot Group, Momentum Metropolitan Life, Old Mutual, and Standard Bank.

TEAM NETWORKS: Based in Georgia and South Africa, we are a diverse and balanced team of experienced software engineers, creatives, business advisors, marketing professionals, and passionate web3 and crypto enthusiasts. Over the years, team members have built extensive business networks around the world, including in marketing, retail, and banking, that will help facilitate the expansion of the Scalps platform in various markets, build partnerships, and drive merchant adoption.

UNIQUE APPROACH TO PAYMENTS: We understand the challenges faced by payments networks and platforms in a crowded, competitive market. We believe the on-chain loyalty system offered by Scalps is a key differentiator and a powerful incentive for crypto payments and crypto adoption by both merchants and consumers. In addition, being chain-agnostic at the payments level will help bring users to the Stellar network from other chains.

STELLAR VALUE PROPOSITION: We understand the value proposition of the Stellar ecosystem, and how Soroban smart contracts will allow us to build a global loyalty system that is trusted by merchants and consumers around the. Scalps is not a payments provider but a discovery platform facilitating global crypto payments by offering on-chain loyalty programs to merchants via the Stellar blockchain.