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Scam Flagging System

I will contribute to the open source StellarExpert directory to help protect users from questionable tokens and scam accounts

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Pennsylvania, USA

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The first product:

Improvement and expansion of the open Database used by Stellar Expert to flag verified questionable domains that is based on accurate and verified data collection.

The problem it solves:

Many new Stellar Blockchain users are deceived by outright scams illegally imitating names, brands, logos, trademarks, etc. Since the blockchain can not be modified to stop future such activities, it is up to third-party services to help users, the community, and ecosystem applications get accurate information when evaluating tokens projects..

How it will work:

The Database parameters will be open source and will continue to let Stellar.Expert be the best SDEX explorer for any Stellar Blockchain user, community member, or ecosystem application.

Only verifiable data from TOML files, URL data, minted token info, etc. will be used. Any contact from the legal asset creator will be indicated.

The second product:

New data will be regularly entered in the Open Source Database

The problem it solves:

This will help users, the community, and ecosystem applications save hundreds of hours searching for this information to help make better informed decisions. This will help make the Stellar community feel safer using the the Stellar Blockchain

How it will work:

Input from users, and manual investigating will be used on a continual basis to make regular updates to the Open Source Database.

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Progress so far
  1. Retrospectively find all potentially harmful tokens and accounts that perpetrated scams in the past.
  2. Examine all active projects on the Stellar network.
  3. Continue to work on flagging scam projects on a daily basis.
To get there, we request a budget of  
  • I have already obtained editing submission rights to the Stellar Expert database
  • I will develop standardized submission categories and fraud and scam indicators
  • I will research each token under review to identify if they are falsely making claims of asset connection.
  • In the future I may use some of my funds to hire freelance researchers who could do initial data gathering.
Additional information

​Resources & Relationships

What unique resources and relationships do you have that are going to make you succeed?

The main relationship I have for this project is OrbitLens. He is the  founder and leading dev of StellarExpert, Albedo, Refractor and we will be continually working on a joint vision and improved product for Stellar Expert and any project wanting to use this open source database. I have over the last year made contact with various DEVs and have become known and respected on a few Stellar related Telegram channels. I have been in communication with Klaus from “Crypto with Klaus” since early in his YouTube channel.

Market & Industry Research

How significant is the need to solve this problem?

Getting the average person to feel safe with using Stellar Crypto Tokens is truly the only thing that will allow it to be used universally for creative and valid tokens projects.

What are the threats and opportunities?

The possible problems could be if a legit project got mistakenly flagged. The top priority needs to be researching any projects that claim errors and that supply supporting information.

Revenue Model & Funding

How will you make money?

This is not a money generating program since by definition this is to freely supply tools to help make the Stellar Blockchain a more comfortable environment for users, the community, and ecosystem applications.

What is your financial plan?

The financial plan currently is only to get periodic donations/grants. In the future I could possibly envision possible NFT rewards for donations to keep the project going if grants totally dry up.

Are you on the hunt for further funding?

I am always looking for people to support the efforts to supply people with accurate information to help them research token projects.

Marketing & Sales

How will you reach your users? Through what channels (social media, Discord, etc.)?

The primary distribution source of this information will be on Stellar Expert, existing API integrations and open-source Github repository. In addition I will be shouting it from my accounts with Telegram, Discord, and YouTube

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Rob (Crypto Hobbyist#1394)

Project Database Developer

I am a retired highschool Computer Science, Physics, and Earth Science teacher of 31 years. I ran a small computer home repair business (1995-2010). Worked as a part time sub contractor with our local hospital to ensure all doctor offices that connected to their system (running on UNIX) were all Y2K compliant. (1998-1999)

Telegram @RadDaddy


Advisor from Stellar Expert

OrbitLens it the founder and leading dev of StellarExpert, Albedo, Refractor