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Stellar Wallet & SDEX

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Products & Services

1 - Multi-Account Stellar Wallet
The architecture of the wallet was originally designed so that it would be possible to flexibly and conveniently switch between accounts for different transactions. Full Stellar account management.

2 - Payments & Path Payments
In addition to direct payments in the Stellar network, we also implemented payment of bills by QR code using Path Payment. When a person scans a QR payment request (SEP-007), he can pay this invoice not only in the tokens indicated in the invoice, but also with any other asset.

3 - Decentralized Asset Trading
We have developed a trading interface for SDEX taking into account all the features of the Stellar network. All relevant data is updated in real time.

4 - Crypto / Fiat Exchange (not all countries and not all payment methods yet, but this is temporary!)
In Scopuly, you can buy and sell crypto assets (XLM and some other tokens) for fiat money. The first payment system with which we integrated was Payeer, but later they removed payment by bank cards and now we are looking for another partner.

5 - Block Explorer
Without leaving the Scopuly application, whether it be a mobile or web application, the user can view and analyze historical data from Stellar such as: transactions, operations, offers, addresses, assets.

What is to be implemented:

- Launch Stellar node
- Swap Assets
- Crypto / Fiat Exchange
- Cryto Card
- Staking Service
- Donate Service
- Browser wallet extension + API for developers
- Launchpad
- SEP recommendations
- Knowledge base

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Progress so far

We have been developing Scopuly since 2017 and at the moment we have some stage of readiness: these are mobile applications for iOS and Android, desktop applications for MacOS and web applications. We are also planning to release a browser-based wallet extension.

We need funds to keep developing and improving the project. We have received a lot of great feedback from our users and we are extremely motivated to provide them with new financial services and tools.

Our goal is to build a financial application platform for access to a decentralized economy. It will be cooler than a bank. There will be all the same banking services, but with a lot of advantages: decentralization, only you control your funds, cross-border, multicurrency, investment, almost free, instantly, etc.

To get there, we  will use our requested budget of  
  • Swap Assets
  • Browser wallet extension
  • Crypto Card
  • Staking
  • Anchors
  • Buy / Sell XLM and other tokens for fiat
  • New homepage website
  • Knowledge base
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Launchpad - marketplace for Stellar projects
  • Company registration, accounting
  • Obtaining a crypto license to launch the Crypto Card service
  • Launch of the referral program

Problem and Solution

What problems have we identified?
- Slow and expensive cross-border payments
- Dependence on a centralized financial authority
- Fear of people using crypto (fear of hacker attacks)
- Fear that the secret key will be lost or compromised
- High fees for traders on trading platforms
- Misunderstanding of how blockchain works and fear of the complexity of understanding and using distributed financial technologies
- Inconsistency of blockchain protocols and prohibitively high transaction fees

How to solve them?
- Build new financial instruments and services that are safe, simple, accessible and understandable for everyone.
- Create a knowledge base with lessons and examples on how to use all this amazing new world of decentralized finance.
- Train and support newcomers to crypto
- Show in videos how to use Stellar with Scopuly Wallet in everyday life for people and businesses.

The Scopuly cross-platform application will consist of the following financial instruments and technologies:
- Multi-Account Stellar Wallet
- Cross-border payments
- Crypto Card
- Payments Requests (SEP-007)
- Anchors
- Trading with assets on SDEX
- Buy/Sell XLM and other tokens for fiat

How do we use Stellar in our solution?
All Scopuly functionality is implemented and based on the Stellar SDK + Horizon API and since it is Stellar that solves all of the above problems, Scopuly is the access point to the Stellar ecosystem and a visible part of all the incredible features of Stellar.

- Scopuly is essentially an interface for Stellar.
- Scopuly has already implemented most of the functionality provided by the Stellar SDK and Horizon API.
- Scopuly follows the SEP guidelines and systematically implements all the most important parts of the SEP.
- Since Scopuly is a client for the Stellar, we will implement and popularize all the current and future features of the Stellar Network.
- Scopuly is built on Stellar and for Stellar.

Target Market

Currently, Scopuly apps are used by traders, people who make payments to Stellar, token issuers, crypto investors.

Our goal is to create a super app for Stellar, which will include the most advanced, simple and secure financial tools and services for everyday use in personal life and business.

If you try to describe our client, one way or another you come to the conclusion that this should be every adult (and not so) person on earth. We are convinced that in the near future everyone will have their own blockchain wallet for making payments, trading, authorizing, staking, etc.

Scopuly is an interface for Stellar and our goal is for as many people as possible to learn and try how Stellar works, its speed and environmental friendliness. We are more than confident that these new people will be as surprised as possible by the possibilities that the open, distributed network of Stellar opens up for them. And Scopuly will help these people get started.

Revenue Model

Scopuly is a completely free application with no transaction fees. But we are planning to implement some paid services: Crypto Card, Fiat Exchange, Staking. These services will charge a small transaction fee.

Crypto Card
Issue of virtual or physical cards that will be linked to the user's account fв Scopuly. This allows having an authorized Stellar account in Scopuly to request the issuance of a virtual or physical card, add the card to Apple Wallet or Google Wallet, the data of this card, and then you can immediately pay for purchases or withdraw money from ATMs.

Every time a user pays from a card for a product in a store or refueling a car or buying air tickets and so on, the Scopuly service will be charged% of the conversion of the crypto asset into the currency of the country in which the payment is made.

Crypto/Fiat Exchange

We are integrating into Scopuly a payment system for buying/selling credits (XLM and other Stellar assets...) from bank cards, where a small affiliate transaction fee will be set.

Market Research

2016 XLM = $ 0.012
2021 XLM = $ 0.52

In 2016, no more than 10-20 projects submitted applications for funding from SDF
Hundreds of them in 2021

2016 there is no liquidity on Stellar
2021 the first big players arrive and liquidity flows to Stellar

Protocol updates
SDK updates
New SDF partnerships
New companies on board
An endless stream of ideas for what else can and should be done
Obviously, the crypto market is growing at a high rate. And this trend will only grow. The future of Stellar is to be in every phone, in every cloud, in every autonomous smart machine, etc.

Threats & Opportunities

Scopuly plans to comply with the financial rules of the game and if it comes to fiat currency, we will demand KYC. We also need a crypto license to implement the Crypto Card service.

All other services in Scopuly are decentralized and therefore even if something happens to the bank that will issue Scopuly cards, only one service will fall off. Payments, Trading and all other services not in contact with banks will work in the state mode.

When designing the architecture of Scopuly applications, we disconnected from our server as much as possible, so that even if our server is disconnected from the network for some reason, the Scopuly extension, mobile and desktop applications will continue to work with the basic functions of payments, trading and Stellar account management.

Scopuly does not have email registration or collection of personal data by default. People appreciate this approach and are actively using the Scopuly wallet.


Here are our highly respected competitors:
Lobstr, Solar, StellarTerm, StellarPort, Interstellar, Lumenswap

Although this section requires you to list the competitors, all the same, frankly speaking, all these teams, besides the competition, gave us a lot of invaluable inspiration. Let us call them not competitors, but extenders of the market and the Stellar ecosystem in general.

Marketing & Sales

At the moment, we are still more focused on development, but as soon as we raise funding, we immediately begin to master marketing strategies and tools.

Promotion channels:
Google, YouTube, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit... +Offline events.

A separate marketing strategy will be developed for each advertising channel.

The Scopuly community is growing, but with funding we will significantly increase the number of new users. And with the help of our knowledge base, we are smoothly converting regular users into experienced Stellar users.

We are also planning to launch a referral program using the SCOP token.

We will also systematically list the SCOP token on CEX exchanges, which will also massively attract the attention of the target audience to the project. At the moment, we are already conducting such negotiations with a number of well-known exchanges.

Resources & Relationships

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We are a small development team and since 2017 (for over 4 years) we have been focused on developing Scopuly Wallet. During this time, we managed to develop Scopuly mobile applications for iOS, Android, MacOS, Web.

Vladimir Parmon - Co-Founder
Leader, mastermind and developer

Alexander Grotesk - Co-Founder
Head of Digital Marketing