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Smart Deploy

Deploy, manage and verify smart contracts easily on Soroban with our Contract Management DAO.

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We propose Smart Deploy, a platform to simplify the process of deploying and managing smart contracts on Soroban. Currently, Soroban lacks a standardized way of publishing, verifying, and upgrading contracts, including tracking and managing contract metadata. Smart Deploy solves these issues by creating a DAO for publishing contracts and offers a standardized interface for deploying, invoking, and upgrading them.

Developers can publish contracts with Smart Deploy platform allowing its metadata to be tracked such as version and where to find the source code, e.g. Github repo. After publication, contracts can be deployed and claim a unique ID, which makes them easily accessible and human-readable. The platform also provides a standardized interface for invoking deployed contracts, making it easy to integrate them with other applications and services. Finally, Smart Deploy uses semantic versioning making it safe and easy to upgrade to the latest version using the DAO contract, ensuring that each decision is made as a team.

Overall, Smart Deploy is a much-needed solution for developers for publishing, deploying, and managing smart contracts on Soroban. By providing a user-friendly interface, our platform will streamline and standardized the entire contract deployment process. This will allow developers to focus on building great applications instead of worrying about technical details and reinventing the wheel.

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First Deliverable

Our first deliverable includes report assessing the current state of developing on Soroban and our proposed solution to the following questions:

1) How to publish contract metadata including how to retrieve the source code?

2) How to claim a unique name and deploy a contract?

3) How to invoke a contract with a unique name?

4) Currently there isn't a way to redeploy a contract, but a proxy pattern is suggested. However, no examples exist and we would outline how the proxy pattern could be used and if not possible propose a solution.

Based on initial feedback from the SCF team, we will also be rolling out a first version of the Smart Deploy contract on Futurenet which focuses on the function of deploying an already uploaded contract.

Reviewer instructions

In order to judge the quality of our Proof of Intent, the reviewer will be able to look at two things:

1) The report answering the questions mentioned above. This is available here:

2) The first version of the Smart Deploy open source contract which demonstrates the functionality of deploying a smart contract from the hash of a contract previously uploaded. This is available here:



1) Enzo Soyer (Dgetsylver#7272)

- CEO of TENK -

Enzo holds a bachelor degree from ESSEC Business School, one of the best business schools in Europe. He has studied in several places in the world, in Denmark, Singapore and France.

From a professional point of view, he is also the driving force behind Fungible Strategy, a blockchain advisory firm that provides comprehensive development strategies to native Web3 companies and Web 2 companies looking to adopt these technologies.

Enzo's experience in the blockchain industry is further bolstered by his previous roles at Brave Software where he gained invaluable insights into search engine technology. He also worked for Thales Alenia Space, one of Europe’s biggest satellite manufacturing.

LinkedIn / Twitter

2) Willem Wyndham (sirwillem#1179)

- CTO of TENK -

Willem holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He also attended a PhD program at the University of Maryland for three and a half years focusing on programming languages, which gave him a thorough understanding of software development principles.

He started his career as a Contract Runtime Engineer and Head of AssemblyScript Community Group at Pagoda (previously Near Inc.), where he gained valuable experience building with rust infrastructures.

Willem is also co-founder of Aha Labs, a company focused on creating developer tools for building on Near Protocol and Soroban. These tools have been used and tested by TENK and have received positive feedback from developers. Willem's passion for technology and his commitment to improving the developer experience make him an invaluable member the team.

Github / LinkedIn / Twitter

3) Jordan Gray (kay9d#4122)

- CPO of TENK -

Jordan holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota. With broad experience in the DAO and NFT industries, he is a recognized expert in the NEAR Protocol ecosystem.

As a co-founder of CODAME, Jordan built thriving communities of engineers, designers, and artists through innovative events and project builds. His passion for connecting people and driving collaboration has made him a valuable asset in the tech community.

Jordan has also held various technical program management roles at companies such as Pagoda, Google, and the NEAR Foundation. During his tenure, he delivered innovative products, organized successful hackathons, and managed global teams, earning him a reputation as a dynamic and results-oriented leader.

LinkedIn / Twitter

4) Yiyue CHEN (iotha.near#9316)

- COO of TENK -

Yiyue holds a Master's degree in Architecture and is currently pursuing an MBA to further enhance her knowledge and skills.

Yiyue is a dynamic leader who served as the Lead of NFT China, where she has made a significant impact by introducing and facilitating numerous business opportunities on Near Protocol. Her innovative approach has garnered international attention, including the creation of the first NEAR NFT collection with Alibaba.

Previously, Yiyue served as the marketing and community manager at NEAR Asia, where she successfully activated a community of over 8,000 members. Through her outstanding networking skills, she has built a professional network that includes representatives from top-tier companies such as Github, Google, Salesforce, OKX, Binance, and more.

LinkedIn / Twitter

5) Rick Knowlton (Resonant#0966)

- Full Stack Developer at TENK -

Rick holds bachelor's degree from Penn State University, where he honed his technical skills and passion for building cutting-edge software solutions. He specializes in React and React Native development.

Rick is also the founder of tiny - an innovative "unagency" that provides a wide range of digital marketing, branding, media consultation, custom software, and web development solutions to clients across the globe. With his extensive experience and creative vision, Rick is dedicated to helping businesses thrive in today's fast-paced digital landscape.

Github / LinkedIn / Twitter

6) Rey Molina (Rey#7789)

- Software Engineer at TENK -

At Tenk, Rey used his expertise to create compelling NFT collections for the Near Protocol blockchain. He worked closely with artists and project teams to develop and customize the metadata, ensuring that each collection was unique and stood out from the rest.

Rey co-founded Inursites, a leading digital web development agency. Through his experience with a variety of clients, he has honed his ability to provide customized solutions that specifically address client needs. Rey's technical skills and business acumen allow him to help clients establish their brand identity and reach their full potential through cutting-edge technologies.

Github / LinkedIn / Twitter

7) Antoine Lieber (shayyyn#8861)

- Business Developer at TENK -

Antoine is currently pursuing his studies at the International Business School (ISG) where he is studying business management.

With over two years of experience building projects in ecosystems such as NEAR and Sui, Antoine has gained valuable expertise in the field of blockchain technology.

Antoine is also the founder of Cobalt, a consulting company that provides marketing and communication advice to projects in the Web3 market. Through Cobalt, Antoine is able to leverage his experience and expertise to help his clients achieve their goals and reach new heights in the industry.

LinkedIn / Twitter

  • Why is our team set up for success to build this project?

First and foremost, we have a deep understanding of the challenges that developers face when deploying and managing smart contracts on Soroban. We are confident that our platform will address the pain points and provide a much-needed solution for developers.

Furthermore, our team is highly experienced in developing blockchain solutions, with extensive knowledge of smart contract development and deployment on various blockchain platforms. This experience gives us a unique perspective on how to build an efficient and user-friendly platform that meets the needs of developers.

Additionally, we have a diverse team with members specializing in different areas such as blockchain development, UX design, and project management. This diversity enables us to approach the project from multiple angles and ensures that every aspect of Smart Deploy is well-thought-out and thoroughly executed.

Overall, our team's deep understanding of the problem, extensive experience in blockchain development, and diverse skillset make us well-suited for success in building Smart Deploy.