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SNNAC - Stellar NFT NFC ACcess

SNNAC users engage in seamless transactions using Stellar Lumens, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) & Near Field Communications (NFC).

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Gaming & NFTs

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Phoenix, Arizona

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NFT gated access is widely applicable. From concert tickets to security access to social club membership, our free and open-source software (FOSS) can be used by anyone to create NFT based ecosystems utilizing the Stellar blockchain.

We plan to bundle the hardware preloaded with the software for purchase and easy non-technical setup.

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Progress so far
  1. mint Litemint-compatible Desert Blockchain NFTs on Stellar using StellarRed, including NFTs utilizing asset clawback
  2. Implement “no-code” Stellar NFT balance checking utilizing node-red
  3. Authenticate wallet containing Desert Blockchain NFTs
  4. Write Desert Blockchain NFT token ID to NFC Card
  5. Allow access to physical space when scan valid token ID from NFC card
  6. Evaluate options for using phone as NFC source, to eliminate the need to program NFC card with token ID
To get there, we request a budget of  
  • rework StellarRed NFT issuance for litement compatibility and clawback
  • program NFC reader
  • connect NFC to public keys via database
  • trigger wireless locks and IoT devices via NFC
  • connect NFC cards to Stellar accounts via signers like freighter and albedo
  • package hardware for sale
  • build website and promotional material
Additional information

We are desert blockchain - arizona largest blockchain meetup group with nearly 2500 members. We meet weekly to discuss decentralization, cryptocurrency, and software development.

We have vast experience in a wide array of topics beyond blockchain - IoT, finance, geology, data analytics, and NFT gaming. We are building a way to use Stellar NFTs to control access to members-only areas like the fridge and pantry, and the overall space. We call it SNNAC - Stellar NFT NFC Access Control

The SNNAC platform utilizes Near Field Communication and node-red to connect members to their Stellar wallet and verify they are in possession of the appropriate Stellar NFT. We want to use this technology for ticketing for our events and activities, like the escape room we have built in a prison transport bus for halloween.

We imagine utilizing stellar NFTs for membership, ticketing, special-access, prizes, and protected-content. In the future we hope to expand SNNAC into a full Point of Sale utilizing the Stellar decentralized exchange.

SNNAC is open source. We want to package it in a way that enables non-coders to get started using Stellar NFTs in the real world. We are asking for $7,500 for hardware, equipment, R&D, and IT infrastructure.

Please consider voting for SNNAC so we can help bring Stellar NFTs to the masses.

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Shane Sandler -

Jay Carpenter -

Xia Zhang -

Michelle Gaylor  - Discord: Shell#8953

In the IOT space since 2000 and with a background in full-stack web development and software engineering, Michelle currently heads US operations for the machine-learning startup NoiseNet.

Randy Graham - pjwolfie#3199 -

Patricia Rotondi -

Charles Brandt -