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Soroban & Aquarius

Aquarius is leveraging Soroban to build AMMs, incentivize LPs with AQUA rewards, and introduce Stellar smart contracts to users.

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Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

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February, 2021
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With the support of the Stellar Community Fund (SCF), we aim to achieve the following milestones for the growth and development of the Aquarius ecosystem:

  1. Soroban-powered AMMs: Soroban brings new opportunities to Stellar, so our first aim is to experiment and build a set of Automated Market Maker (AMM) smart contracts running on Soroban futurenet. We will launch a simple demo AMM interface to showcase the new capabilities. We will experiment with various AMM design ideas and do the initial research needed to build a more complex AMM that will power Aquarius when Soroban goes live.
  2. Add Rewards for Liquidity Providers on Soroban: We plan to use Soroban to build the distribution engine for AQUA liquidity rewards. AQUA rewards will incentivize users to provide liquidity to the Soroban AMM. The distribution engine will run as a set of Soroban smart contracts (on futurenet) and will calculate and distribute liquidity rewards to LPs accordingly. This goes in line with our goals to further decentralization of Aquarius.
  3. Introduce Aquarius Users to Stellar Smart Contracts: Our goal is to familiarize the existing user base, ecosystem projects, and 122,000 AQUA token holders (165K trustline holders) with upcoming smart contracts on Stellar, and encourage them to experiment with Soroban futurenet and learn more about Soroban-powered solutions.

In summary, with SCF's support, we will move towards expanding and improving Aquarius' ecosystem, leveraging Soroban's smart contract capabilities to develop innovative DeFi products.

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What is Aquarius?

Aquarius is a liquidity layer built on top of the Stellar network. Using a governance system powered by the AQUA token, holders can vote on proposals to change how the Aquarius protocol functions and vote for which Stellar DEX & AMM markets are incentivized with AQUA rewards. Top-voted markets see their liquidity providers receive hourly rewards paid in AQUA, creating a way to earn extra rewards when supporting markets on Stellar.

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First Deliverable

Our first deliverable consisted of three main steps:

1) Initial Soroban research

2) Build a simple (Uniswap-v2 style) AMM smart contract

3) Build a simple web interface to interact with the AMM smart contract (deposit liquidity, view liquidity position)

Progress So Far:

After completing our research on Soroban and how AMMs can be built on top, we have managed to implement a working prototype of an AMM on Soroban's future net. Alongside the AMM deposits and withdrawals, we also built a swap interface so tokens can be swapped through the AMMs. This can all be accessed via our test website build and can be demoed.

In conclusion, we have delivered on all 3 points.

1) We've researched the capabilities of Soroban and how we could structure a working prototype.

2) We built and deployed a simple (Uniswap-v2 style) AMM smart contract on Soroban.

3) We created a simple web demo to interact with the AMM smart contract, which contains the following features:

- Connect any account to the demo on the futurenet

- Display available pools in AMM smart contract

- Display Soroban asset balances

- Provide the ability to make deposits and withdrawals into pools

- Offer swap functionality, allowing any Soroban assets to be exchanged with each other

How can a reviewer check you completed your first deliverable?

Head to to access the demo.

Steps to use:

1) Go to Stellar Laboratory and create a new Futurenet wallet and ask friendbot for funds.

2) Use secret key to log in to the demo

3) Got to AMM tab and click the "get test tokens" button

4) Play around with both AMM and Swap tabs to test out AMM deposits, withdrawals, and asset swaps.

You can see the same steps being performed in the following video:

Aquarius Foundation

Aquarius Foundation LLC oversees development of Aquarius and underlying protocol. Aquarius is a liquidity layer built on top of the Stellar network that uses a governance system powered by AQUA token. Holders vote on proposals to change how Aquarius functions and vote for which Stellar DEX & AMM markets are incentivized with AQUA rewards. Top-voted markets see their liquidity providers receive hourly rewards paid in AQUA, creating a way to earn extra rewards when supporting markets on Stellar.


How are we set up for success?

Our team possesses a unique combination of experience, skills, and commitment, positioning us for success in building the Aquarius project.

Experience: Our team members have extensive backgrounds in blockchain technology, Stellar network, and decentralized finance (DeFi). This collective experience gives us deep insight into the technical requirements, market dynamics, and user expectations for a project like Aquarius.

Technical Skills: We have a talented group of developers who are adept at smart contract development, blockchain architecture, and user interface design. Our technical abilities allow us to tackle complex challenges and deliver high-quality solutions.

Understanding of Stellar and DeFi: With a deep understanding of Stellar's capabilities and the evolving DeFi landscape, we are well-positioned to leverage this technology to its fullest extent. We know how to navigate the Stellar ecosystem and build innovative DeFi solutions that serve the needs of our users.

Dedication: Our team believes in the potential of DeFi to democratize access to financial services, and we are passionate about making this a reality through Aquarius.

Community Support: With a growing community of AQUA token holders, we have a robust base of users who believe in our project and contribute to its development. Their support and feedback are invaluable to us.

Partnerships: We've established partnerships with key players in the Stellar ecosystem. These relationships will help us to integrate AQUA more deeply into these platforms, broadening its utility and exposure.

Overall, we believe we are set up for success because of our experienced team, technical prowess, dedication to our vision, strong community support, and strategic partnerships.


CMO & Listings Manager

Jason Cudmore, a crypto enthusiast since 2015, brings a wealth of experience in community engagement and blockchain education to the Aquarius team. As CMO, he spearheads Aquarius' marketing strategy, leveraging his deep understanding of the blockchain space to communicate Aquarius' unique value proposition effectively. As a Listings Manager, Jason is also instrumental in expanding Aquarius' reach and ensuring its visibility across multiple platforms. Jason is known for his clear, engaging communication style, which he showcased during his presentation at the Stellar Meridian conference in 2022.


Lead Developer

Our lead developer @Claw combines his passion for technology with his expertise in the Stellar network. He's the technical brain behind Aquarius, always finding innovative ways to improve the platform and deliver a seamless experience to its users. He is not just a developer; he's a problem-solver who thrives on challenges, making him an invaluable part of the Aquarius team. His work on Aquarius has positioned the project as a leading player in Stellar's DeFi ecosystem.



Orbitlens has worked within the Stellar ecosystem for many year and is mainly known for the Stellar block explorer His advice is priceless and helps ensure Aquarius functions as intended.