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Soroban Learn

Soroban Learn is an interactive learning platform using a in-browser coding experience

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My product eliminates the need for local setup trouble for new users to get their "feet wet". I believe this will lower the barrier of entry for new developers who are discovering Stellar/Soroban and Web3 as a whole. While this could eventually turn into a full fledge tool for building Soroban contracts in the browser, my initial intent is to build basic "hello world" style exercises to show what Soroban is all about.

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- Finish mocking up the rest of the application.

- Document the initial set of exercises

While I have several screens already designed and partially developed (HTML/CSS only), I still desire to complete several more. These include the following:

  • Proper landing page (
  • Console outcomes (Decided to move to a general error modal:
  • Exercise Progress bar (

For the exercises, I want to create the following core exercises. The 10% would include documenting out their steps and content.

  • Hello World Application (
  • Increment (count) (
  • Token Swap (

Reviewer instructions

All designs can be found in the Figma file here:

I also have published the content files here:

  • Hello World Application (
  • Increment (count) (
  • Token Swap (

I will likely continue to revise these. I have plans to reach out to contacts to walk through these tutorials and collect feedback. Based on this feedback, revisions to the content will be made.

Additionally, I have started on front-end development. This is very bare and still needs a lot of work (to be completed in future milestones), but I did want to share anyway.



Jonathon Hammond (2n10se#5020)

I have been developing in the web3 space for three years, formally within the Stacks and NEAR ecosystem. I was a Aha Labs/RAEN team member but recently stepped away to pursue other projects.

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