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Soroban Learn

Bringing developers from zero to hero in their Soroban smart contract development journey.

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The core product is a tool/hub for individuals to learn/master Rust and navigate to becoming confident, smart contract developers in the Soroban ecosystem. Origionally, the scope was very narrow and was meant to only be an intro to Sorobon development. But, after building V1 and discussions with Julian I now see this at a complete learning platform for any developer, new or experienced, to learn Rust and Soroban smart contract development in the same platform.

The core new deliverables for this project are as follows:

  • Full course development (collaboration with Julian)
  • Wallet connection and/or email account creation to track progress
  • Certificate of completion delivery (maybe via a NFT [TBD])
  • User forum for peer-to-peer support
  • Video content to compliment the courses developed
  • A dashboard to easily manage course content (currently content is hard-coded into JSON files)
  • Improvement on the error feedback inside the IDE
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Soroban Learn
Soroban Learn is an interactive learning platform using a in-browser coding experience
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Since my last project submission, I have engaged in discussions with Julian (TheGodHand#0021) from Stellar, which has been instrumental in shaping the vision for SorobanLearn. Originally, I conceived SorobanLearn as a tutorial platform designed to provide a brief 2-3 lesson introduction to assist newcomers in developing smart contracts in the Sorobon ecosystem. However, through our brainstorming sessions, it has evolved into a comprehensive training tool aimed at teaching developers the Rust programming language and mastering smart contract development with Soroban. This will be further enriched with a range of features, such as wallet integration for tracking progress, video tutorials, and a reward system that will incentivize continuous learning.

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