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Sorosorcerer makes building production ready custom smart contracts on Stellar and Soroban easy and accessible

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Product/service: Sorosorcerer is a platform with the mission to reduce the barrier for entrepreneurs to build impactful use-cases on Soroban and Stellar Network. This is achieved through creating a wizard which guides builders through functional and business requirements to automatically create a production-ready smart contract which can be deployed on Soroban to quickly bring the idea to market.

What problems it solves, how it solves them, and what audience it solves them for;

Smart contract development is too risky and resource intensive for most builders. This tweet about a talk by Tomer Weller summarizes it perfectly. A technical founder may spend hundreds of developer hours of a huge amount of resources to turn around a smart contract. Deployment is risky, and design considerations may limit scaling.

Instead we propose a standardized and scalable wizard which reduces the barrier for founders to bring a product on Stellar to market. Our intuitive front-end combined with a library of secure smart contract components merge together to create a developer experience that focuses on functional design and will save time and resources. In summary Sorosorcerer makes building production ready custom smart contracts on Soroban easy and accessible.

Specifically we propose to include components that will compile into three different contract types:

1) fungible asset contract (50% complete)

2) Non fungible asset contract

3) governor contract

More will be added over time using the best in class and trusted components developed by the community or other projects such as anchain.

How it works and how it uses Stellar and/or Soroban. Get into specifics!

As our mission is to reduce the barrier for entrepreneurs to build impactful use-cases on Soroban and Stellar Network, we are building developer tooling specific for Stellar and Soroban. We will take advantage of all the interesting and unique protocol level features that differentiates Stellar's native assets (i.e. authorization required, revocable) as well as extend these features with custom contract code using Soroban (i.e. pausable). Combining the two is very powerful as for some use-cases a builder may be satisfied with a Stellar native asset and in other cases the use-case would be better suited on a Soroban custom asset contract. Sorosorcerer abstracts away these technical considerations and creates the optimal contract code based on the functional and business requirements.

We also plan to investigate opportunities to integrate or load contract code into other development lifecycle tooling such as IDE's or simulated playgrounds. Examples include smartdeploy and usesoroban.

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First Deliverable

Our first deliverable is a working smart contract create function where we show functional requirements output a custom contract for a fungible contract.

We have also updated the brand look & feel and update the landing page (some bugs on chrome we need to fix, working fine on safari)

The steps we have taken include:

- building a python questionnaire with a contract selection function (page 1) and a functional requirement input (page 2) where a user will input all data.

-create a tagged version of a fungible contract, where features are tagged to questions in the questionnaire.

-create a dynamic contract creator which takes input from the questionnaire and removes lines of code that are tagged based on the questionnaire input.

-a page which shows the contract code output, including showing the variables and inputs selected on the previous questionnaire.

How can a reviewer check you completed your first deliverable?

We have pushed the changes live to

Please also view this LOOM video where we demo the proof of intent work done

AW3L VOF (tradename: Efiko)

Efiko’s mission is to partner with important players such as F500s, NGOs, and protocols to build meaningful products that advance decentralization.


Ian Smith (discord: rorschachrev#4293)S


Ex- Microsoft, taught Linux at NASA

Fluent programming in 20 different languages

Specializing in complex problem-solving in software architecture

An experienced technical entrepreneur

Github / LinkedIn

Steve Taylor (discord: Steve_Efiko#9978)


Ex- BNP Paribas, State Street

25 years of engineering experience

Scaled many startups, allowing them to compete on the world stage and secure F500 clients

Mathematics BSc Cardiff University

Github / LinkedIn

Vincent McLeese (discord: Vincent_Efiko#5614)


Ex Accenture /  Blockchain team

Product managed large corporate DLT implementations in supply chain and FS for F500

HEC Paris finance graduate (MSc.)

Outlier Ventures Mentor

20+ years of experience in cryptography and security auditing. Previously at NASA, Microsoft, and has built several blockchain protocols.


Our team is set up for success because:

Our team is highly qualified. We combine 40+ years of software engineering, cryptography, and security audit experience. Furthermore, finishing top 10 in the SCF/SDF start-up camp we have shown we understand the technology and are engaged in the community.

Furthermore, we see a real need for the tool we are proposing to bring into the ecosystem. It has the potential to increase the accessibility and therefore the adoption of the new soroban platform and make Stellar easier to use for important use-cases by a range of entrepreneurs who have different levels of skills and resources. We would be very excited to test this product in future iterations of the SCF/SDF start-up camp and become advocates in the community to create great developer experiences. We also are excited to build a business model around this tool to sell our smart contract development services so we are highly incentivized to make this tool extremely useful all while keeping it open source.