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Soroswap Protocol II

Open-source AMM protocol with Ecosystem Interoperability for providing liquidity and trading Stellar Assets in Soroban.

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For this SCF round, we will focus three key areas:

  1. Development of a Router and Library contract to facilitate interactions with Soroswap for other protocols, wallets or other types of users.
  2. Ecosystem Expansion: We aim to foster inter-protocol operability by collaborating with ecosystem partners.
  3. User experience enhancement of the frontend by refining its design and usability, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.

To achieve these goals, the Soroswap Team will continue its dedicated support and development of the @soroban-react library. This library serves as a crucial connector between the frontend and smart contract. As with all our initiatives, our products and contributions will remain 100% open-source.

In the following we explain each of these areas:

  1. Smart Contract Development
  2. 🔀 The Router Smart Contract: We will develop the Router Smart Contract, similar to UniswapV2Router02, to facilitate advanced trading functionalities.

    💡 What does this solve?: Swap of tokens when a direct pair does not exist, by calculating optimal paths. It will also handle liquidity provision and manage deposit and withdrawal functions for liquidity providers within the Soroswap ecosystem.

  3. 📚 The Library Smart Contract: Create the Library contract, similar to the UniswapV2Library contract.

    💡 What does this solve?: Won’t need to write again functions and calculations used in the Soroswap Protocol, enabling efficient and optimized code execution across different contracts.

  4. Ecosystem Expansion:
  5. 🌱 Inter-protocol operability. We will conduct research and reach out to potential ecosystem partners interested in integrating the Soroswap AMM into their products.

    Some of the ecosystem players we have already established contact with include stream payments solution SStream, banking and cross-border payments solution Meru and gamified DeFi interface Dogstar. Other players could be LP staking incentives protocols like Aquarius

  6. 🌍 Choose 2 partners. We will select two partners based on our research to collaborate on creating proof-of-concept smart contracts, libraries or codes that will interact with Soroswap.

  7. 📖 Documentation. We will create documentation, tutorials, and content to help other protocols interact with Soroswap. We'll share our experiences, publish code, and even conduct YouTube interviews. Our goal is to provide valuable resources and foster collaboration within the ecosystem.

User Experience Enhancement: 🖥️ We will improve the frontend design for a polished and visually appealing experience. Our focus is on intuitive navigation, responsive design, seamless transactions, and attractive aesthetics. Our goal is to deliver a refined frontend ready for the Soroban Mainnet launch.

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SCF #14
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Soroswap Protocol
Open-source AMM protocol for providing liquidity and trading Stellar Assets in Soroban. With SDK and easy to use frontend.
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Progress so far

We've completed all deliverables ahead of schedule since our last submission.

Our team has also grown with four skilled full-stack developers who not only contribute to our success but also enhance the Soroban and Stellar ecosystems. 🚀

Here there is a summary of the deliverables:

To ensure transparency and community engagement, we have created a dedicated repository, the SCF Tracker, at This public repository tracks the progress and deliverables of the Soroswap Protocol through SCF grants, providing the community with visibility into our achievements and ongoing development. 📊

Regarding modifications, we have submitted two changes to our initial proposal:

  1. Deadline Modification: We realized that our initial deadline of 17/06/2023 was a mistake. We have corrected the deadline to 17/07/2023, which accurately reflects the three-month work period outlined in our submission.
  2. Front-End Approach: Instead forking the Uniswap front-end, we have decided to focus on developing an MVP front end. This strategic shift allows us to prioritize fast development.
To get there, we request a budget of  
Additional information

Importance of Soroswap: The addition of an AMM in Soroban is essential. It enables the trading of native Soroban tokens that won’t be traded on the Classic Stellar DEX. This benefits users and other products, like cross-border payments and DeFi protocols. Our goal is to meet the needs of the Soroban ecosystem by offering a comprehensive solution.

Our goal: to build a strong team that creates robust smart contracts, user-friendly interfaces, and comprehensive documentation on Soroban. We want to empower developers with valuable resources , from code examples for Dapp development to seamless token swapping in wallets integrated with Soroswap. We want to establish a long-term partnerships within the ecosystem. Our aim is to be a leading platform for developers to build on top and contribute to the ecosystem.

Open-Source & Transparency Commitment: The Soroswap Protocol is dedicated to fostering the growth of the Soroban ecosystem by offering fully open-source smart contract protocols and libraries that serve as foundational elements for any project. We are committed to maintaining transparency and engaging with the community through regular updates on Discord and our SCF tracker repository:

Revenue and funding: Soroswap plans to eventually generate revenue through fees similar to AMMs on other chains, but the exact mechanism is still under discussion. As Soroban is still in development, there will be no revenue generated at present. Regarding @soroban-react, the library will be published under an open-source license as a public good and there won’t be any revenues on that side.

Competition: While decentralized exchanges are a popular use case for decentralized applications, Soroswap will face competition from other protocols such as Stellar core's AMM, Comet (SCF#12) and Phoenix (SCF#15) . However, Soroswap will provide a unique offering by allowing swaps for tokens that cannot be traded on Stellar's core AMM due to their inability to be unwrapped as a classic asset. Additionally, the protocol will enable smart contracts to interact with the exchange (stellar core’s AMM cannot). Furthemore, our commitment to develop Partnerships and open-source and documented inter-protocol operability with other ecosystem players will help us be more strong against direct competitors like Comet and Phoenix.

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First Deliverable

is your first deliverable (~10% of total project workload)? What steps will you need to take to complete it successfully?

Our first deliverable (10% of the total project workload) will be divided in 3 parts, aligning with our three key working areas for this grant. This is because we will be working simultaneously in all three areas. Here are the 3 deliverables in detail (The deliverable number corresponds to the respective number in the table below.):

  • Deliverable 1.1: Study and choose functionalities of UniswapV2 Router contract to be implemented in a Soroswap Router contract. Take decisions depending on Rust, Soroban and Token interface limits. [Est. hours of work: 50h]To successfully complete this deliverable, the following steps will need to be taken:
  1. Study the UniswapV2 Router contract and make decisions considering the limitations of Rust, Soroban, and Token interfaces.
  2. Write an article similar to the existing ones on comparing SoroswapPair vs. UniswapV2Pair and SoroswapFactory vs. UniswapV2Factory. Highlight the decisions made and provide guidance for other developers on writing smart contracts on Soroban or implementing Solidity smart contracts on Soroban.

  • Deliverable 3.1: Conduct research on potential partners, focusing on all current Soroban projects. [Est. hours of work: 20h]To successfully complete this deliverable, the following steps will need to be taken:
  1. Conduct research on all current Soroban projects, including SCF submissions and those found in the Discord channel.
  2. Identify projects that may require interaction with an AMM.
  3. Imagine and generate proposals on how Soroswap AMM could be integrated with these projects.
  4. Write a blog post about the research findings and engage in discussions on Discord.
  • Deliverable 5.1: Create the first version of the UX/UI design. [Est. hours of work: 50h]To successfully complete this deliverable, the following steps will need to be taken:
  1. Bring a Graphic, UX, and UI designer onto the team.
  2. Collaborate to understand the requirements of the Soroswap AMM frontend.
  3. Create the first version of the UX/UI design.
  4. Share Figma screenshots on Discord and publish the Figma files on our GitHub repository.

Estimated completion date: 08/21/2023 (assuming works starts on the 07/24/2023)

Estimated hours of work: 120 hours

How can a reviewer check you completed your first deliverable?

The reviewer can check that the first deliverable has been completed by following these steps:

  • (D1.1) Visit the Soroswap documentation website ( or and read about the comparison between the SoroswapRouter and UniswapV2Router contracts.
  • (D1.1) Access the Soroswap periphery repository on GitHub ( and locate the SoroswapRouter trait interface. Note that it may not be fully functional at this stage.
  • (D3.1) Visit the Soroswap project page in the Stellar Discord channel and find a blog post link containing comprehensive documentation about potential partnerships between Soroswap and other participants in the Soroban ecosystem.
  • (D5.1) Visit the Soroswap project page in the Stellar Discord channel and find the provided screenshots showcasing the Figma design for Soroswap.

To track the progress of all deliverables, the reviewer can refer to our dedicated repository at



Esteban Iglesias (esteblock)

Founder / Senior Full-stack Blockchain Developer

As a self-motivated, versatile, and polyglot professional with over 10 years of experience in full-stack development, I am passionate about innovation, decentralization, and the power of blockchain technology. I am a Chilean with a background in electrical engineering and a master's degree in applied economics with studies in France (École Centrale Paris), UK (University of Oxford), and Chile (Universidad de Chile).

Personal Web Page / Linkedin / Github


Francisco (_devmonster)

Senior Full-stack Blockchain Developer

Driven by curiosity and a passion for blockchain technology, I am an experienced (6 years) full-stack developer with expertise in Soroban, Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche platforms. Currently, I'm focused on developing Soroswap, a Uniswap-like AMM for Soroban. My academic foundation includes an Electrical Engineering degree from Universidad de Chile and General Engineering from Ecole CentraleSupelec, France.Linkedin / Github


Joaquin Soza (yripper)

Full-stack Blockchain Developer

As a dedicated blockchain developer, I've immersed myself in this dynamic field for over 4 years. My self-taught journey began at the age of 14, starting with coding and Linux. My technical skills extend beyond software development, encompassing soldering and microcontrollers.

Personal Web Page / Linkedin / Github

Jose Tomas (ealric)

Frontend Web3 Developer

I’m a front-end developer with 2 years of experience building Web3 libraries in EVM blockchains and also on the EOS blockchain. I have experience building web applications as well as mobile applications. I’m Chilean with a background in mechanical engineering.

Personal Web Page / Linkedin / Github



Our team is set for success due to our combined commitment, expertise, and dedication to the Soroban ecosystem.

As the founder, Esteban has been instrumental in building a team focused on leveraging Stellar/Soroban with new open-source products and protocols. We have a wealth of experience in blockchain development, including working with Ethereum, Avalanche, EOS, and Solana.

Our track record includes participation in events like the Soroban hackathon and Stellar annual conference, with two team members set to participate in Meridian 2023. Additionally, we possess diverse skills such as multilingual proficiency, market understanding, and a commitment to teamwork and innovation. With this collective strength, we are confident in our ability to drive positive change and contribute to the growth of the Soroban community.