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The first bridge to Polkadot: giving Stellar users more access to the DeFi world

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Bridge to Polkadot

Spacewalk is the first bridge between the Stellar network and the Polkadot ecosystem. Bridging to one of the most popular Web3 ecosystem gives Stellar users more access to  DeFi opportunities. Based on already tested infrastructure (XCLAIM and interBTC), Spacewalk is implemented as a Substrate (the blockchain framework on which Polkadot is built) pallet and allows any Substrate-based blockchain to implement a direct Stellar bridge.

Stellar Oracle

A key component of the bridge is the Stellar oracle, which relays the state of the Stellar network to external services (like a bridge). The Stellar oracle is decentralized and by design at least as secure as the Stellar network itself.

While this oracle is developed with Spacewalk in mind, it can be used by other bridge services. By giving this oracle to the Stellar community, we hope to see more bridges being built to connect Stellar with the broader DeFi/Web3 world.

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Progress so far
  1. Finish development of the Spacewalk bridge (Dec, 2022)
  2. Undergo audit with external auditor (Jan, 2022)
  3. Launch the Spacewalk bridge (Feb, 2022)
To get there, we request a budget of  
  1. Complete the development of the bridge
  2. Pick appropriate auditor and undertake the audit
  3. Get vault operators to join the network (which will stake collateral for security)
  4. Launch the Spacewalk bridge
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SatoshiPay has been building innovative blockchain payment solutions since 2014. SatoshiPay has been operating nodes on the Stellar network and contributed to the general development of Stellar for many years. In 2021, SatoshiPay initiated Pendulum to connect fiat to the DeFi world.