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Stellar C SDK

The lowest-level Stellar helper library implemented in the C language.

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Shenzhen, China

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September, 2021
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We will bring a new C SDK to the Stellar ecosystem, like other existing Stellar SDKs, will provide full support for building, signing and parsing transactions.

It's worth pointing out that I'm not adding the functions to interact with the Horizon API for it at the moment as I can't see a practical use case for this, so please let me know if you need it.

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Progress so far

The project is in the development stage, and I have written some code, you can get the detailed progress on the project's GitHub homepage.

Since it is still in the development stage and cannot be used in production, I am the only one using it now.I have not raised funds for this project before.


My goal is very clear, to build a pure C library that has the ability to build and parse Stellar transactions, provide tutorials and API documentation.


  • January - April 2022: Implement core functionality and release the first alpha release
  • May - June 2022: Improve this SDK based on user feedback and release the first stable versio
  • July - December 2022: Maintenance
To get there, we request a budget of  

In the next few months, I will devote most of my energy to this project, and if necessary, I will hire a freelancer to help me review the code. For specific plans, please check our roadmap.

Additional information


When I contributed code to the Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets, I found that I needed to write duplicate code for each wallet to parse and build Stellar transactions, so I want to write a new C SDK to speed up the efficiency of integrating Stellar into various hardware devices, saving myself and other users development costs.


I know that in 2021, many users will choose to use languages such as JavaScript, Python, Go for development, but in some scenarios C is still a good choice, for example, you are developing a new hardware wallet on Raspberry Pi Zero, the new SDK is prepared for these scenarios.


This project will be open sourced under the Apache License 2.0, anyone can get it for free, so we will not get any sales income. When the SCF funds are exhausted, we will continue to seek other funding if this project can be proven.


At present, there are more and more types of hardware wallets on the market, many of them are developed in C language. I hope that in the future when they want to integrate Stellar into them, this SDK can improve their development efficiency.


The currently known competitor is the c_stellar_sdk (owner etale-cohomology), but it currently only provides the function of querying the Horizon API, and it has not been updated since 2017.

The project address is


I will contact the Trezor, Ledger and OneKey teams to discuss the integration of the SDK into their wallets.

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First Deliverable

Funds are mainly used to pay developers' salaries.January - April 2022: Implement core functionality and release the first alpha release ($20,000)May - June 2022: Improve this SDK based on user feedback and release the first stable version ($10,000)July - December 2022: Maintenance ($18,000)



creator of Stellar C SDK

I have contributed code to the Stellar ecosystem since 2017, you have probably used the code I wrote :-)

I am the main maintainer of the Stellar Python SDK, and also contributed code to many projects such as Ledger Stellar App, Trezor Stellar Firmware, Stellar Java SDK and so on, you can get more information on the homepages of these projects.



Discord: overcat#1929