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Fraud detection and scam alert system for the Stellar community.

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Reporting system for the Stellar community to report scams and fraudulent acts being committed on the Stellar Network.

Information will be verified and echoed across the Stellar community via multiple communication channels in order to ensure future prevention of said crime. The database will be open-source.

A take-down service will accompany every report, if applicable, to shut down scams and phishing attempts.

Bots are being developed and used in analyzing transactions, 24/7 monitoring of the Network, investigation services and act as a shrill alarm.

Blogs and tips are created to educate the Stellar community in order to prevent future crimes of similar caliber.

A reward system is being developed to incentivize community members who report fraudulent activity or provide effort in taking down the scam. reports crimes to other entities in the community, other watchdogs, and justice enforcement agencies in their respective countries.


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One of the bots Live since May monitoring the Stellar Network:

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