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Stellar tipping for content creators and developers

What is Stellar Tip

Stellar Tip is a chrome extension that enables users to tip both crypto and fiat currency to content creators and developers on platforms like Youtube, Twitch, and Github. Utilizing Stellar's powerful decentralized platform, Stellar Tip enables users to instantly send transactions to their favorite creators/developers without being limited to currency or fees.

On these supported platforms, creators and developers will simply specify their Stellar public key in their profile. For these people, Stellar Tip generates a custom tip button that fits the design of each respective platform on each of their pages. When a user clicks the tip button, a popup will appear, prompting the user with additional options such as asset selection and a sender alias name. Furthermore, Stellar Tip enables users to view their previous tips on the Stellar blockchain with links redirecting to the content that they tipped for.

Creators and developers can also download the Stellar Tip chrome extension to view the tips made to them through the Stellar Tip service.
In the backend of our service, we utilize Stellar's SDK to query previous transactions for a user on the Stellar blockchain and generate a URI following the SEP 7 protocol to open the user's favorite Stellar wallet with the transaction information preloaded. At the same time, we store additional metadata about the content creator's information on our own servers. This way, users can look back into their transaction history in the chrome extension and see the specific creator/developer's name, the platform, and an embedded link to look back on their content.

Install the extension here