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StellarTipBot will allow Telegram users in any Telegram group to tip or transfer XLM, Stellar tokens, or NFTs to other users.

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USA, Miami

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I have been working in crypto since 2018.
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TipBot: The StellarTipBot will allow Telegram users in any group to transfer XLM, NFTs or Stellar tokens to other Telegram users. Each bot user will have an account that holds and tracks assets. Assets can be deposited and withdrawn quickly in an automated fashion.

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Progress so far
  • Goal 1: will be to build the bot and allow it to accept, transfer, and withdraw XLM.
  • Goal 2: will be to add support for Stellar token and Stellar NFT transfers.
  • Goal 3: if there is interest from the community, the tip bot could be used as an escrow bridge to other chains or as a privacy mixer.
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We require no support other than funding and a shout out on your social media channels.

Additional information

We believe that it would greatly aid in adoption of Stellar and grow the ecosystem by providing a means for Telegram users to tip Stellar assets with each other. The bot could be deployed in the main Stellar group, in Stellar project/DApp groups, or in community investor groups.

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Project leader, Casey Blanche, @Node000 on Telegram. I have been working in crypto since 2018 as a project manager, development manager, community leader and in marketing.

The developer and my partner Mr. Saeed Nasiri-