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SubQuery Network

SubQuery is a fast and flexible blockchain data indexer that supports multiple layer-1 chains

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November 2020
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Almost every blockchain has a need to process and query data, however everyone knows that a core weakness of blockchain data is that the processing and query performance is extremely inefficient. SubQuery is an open source platform that solves that and provides a more performant and feature-rich alternative to The Graph.

SubQuery’s mission is to make decentralised data more accessible. SubQuery is your own custom open-source API between blockchain data and your dApps and tools. Our indexer works on Ethereum, Polygon, BNB, Arbitrum, Optimism, Cosmos, Avalanche, Substrate/Polkadot, Near, Flare and Algorand chains, and then provides that data for developers to use for a wide array of projects (wallets, explorers, custom chains, or any other decentralised app).

We have three products:

  • An open source SDK, which includes the instructions on how any Indexer should traverse the blockchain, what data to collect, and how it should be shown to users.
  • A Managed Service, which provides enterprise level hosting (99.9% uptime) for SubQuery projects by our team (with a generous free tier)
  • A decentralised SubQuery Network. With the testnet just finished, we are about to launch a first version of the SubQuery Network. The SubQuery Network is our effort to move towards a decentralised and tokenised network in order to ensure no single point of failure and superior performance for SubQuery. It will support Stellar and Soroban from genesis and will encourage as many participants in the process as possible.

In our view, the Stellar ecosystem, with the launch of Soroban, is poised for an extreme growth period and it requires tools such as SubQuery in order to thrive.

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SubQuery is an established project launched early 2021. We’ve been building and scaling our tool to hundreds of customers across 11 different layer 1s (Ethereum, Polygon, BNB, Arbitrum, Optimism, Cosmos, Avalanche, Substrate/Polkadot, Near, Flare and Algorand) for some time now. We have a proven product with large customers across most verticals (wallets, deFi, NFTs, gameFi, explorers) etc. You can see some examples of projects using SubQuery in our public explorer.

Competitive advantages?

SubQuery is a flexible, cross-chain indexing service similar to the Graph. There are endless possibilities for the variety of data sources that can be analysed and served using SubQuery.

We build SubQuery with the following key competitive advantages in mind:

  • Faster than others. We’re focusing on making SubQuery faster than other solutions with advanced indexing caches and precomputed indices saving developers time, our solution is fast to set-up, fast to manage, and fast to index.
  • More Flexible and Feature rich. SubQuery is a scaffold for building custom APIs and we provide additional features like GraphQL subscriptions, automated historical tracking, and more.
  • Open. Customers have already extended our open source SDK to suit their own custom implementation.
  • Universal. A universal infrastructure stack bringing communities together, developers now have a tool to search, sort, filter and query any data for their app across multiple blockchains.

Additionally, we are committed to running our managed hosted service over the long term. We have made huge investments into it and have many customers relying on it. This will provide an alternative to customers that are currently threatened by the imminent sunsetting of the Graph’s hosted service.

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First Deliverable

This milestone delivers a minimal proof of concept indexer that allows customers to index only events from Soroban. This can be used to prove out the concept and to identify any other major issues that may affect future milestones. There will be docs provided to allow Stellar developers to try this POC out in their own project.

This is the most useful on-chain data to index for most projects as you can track all successful activity and its outputs. Most dApps only use event data to index the activity from their smart contracts.


  • Minimal Indexer that allows customer to index only events on Soroban
  • Define new manifest structure and update SubQuery CLI
  • Create basic documentation for Beta support

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SubQuery Pte Ltd

SubQuery is the core development team behind the SubQuery Network, open source SDK, and the SubQuery Managed Service


Based in New Zealand, the inception of SubQuery occurred in February 2021 and since then the below core team of 4 has rapidly grown to more than 20 members spread across New Zealand, Singapore and Portugal. We’re a high performing team, mostly software developers, devOps engineers, and business development staff with a track record of experience in extending our tooling to different layer 1 chains.

Sam Zou - CEO (

Entrepreneur, Investors and more than 20 years  of IT experience specialising in infrastructure and cloud service design

Ian He - CTO (

Blockchain Architect, Contributor of polkadot-js, Early adopter of substrate technology and won second place in the first polkadot hackathon.

James Bayly - COO (

Software engineer with experience creating and growing 3 startups over the past 5 years