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Tamil Token

Community powered utility token which was created to preserve digital assets of Tamil language.

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- Language asset decentralization (Stellar and IPFS)

- Decentralized language library

- Community funded projects

- NFT Market Place

- Community Market Place (P2P)

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We will be implementing key projects such as Data decentralization, NFT Market place and POS System integration for mechants to accept TAMIL Token.

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Added purchase guides and some screenshots

We are happy to introduce this project as initial blue print for other community members to follow.

According to United Nations =>
Every two weeks a language disappears taking with it an entire cultural and intellectual heritage. At least 43% of the estimated 6000 languages spoken in the world are endangered.

Introduction to TAMIL Token
The TAMIL Token (TAMIL) is a blockchain-based system for rewarding community members for  activities involved in preserving and developing the world’s oldest living classing language. Built on Stellar, its goal is to efficiently distribute TAMIL tokens between community projects, decentralized data node operators, and content publishers.

The Technology backing TAMIL Token

Tamil Token was built via open source Stellar Blockchain.

Important Plan of TAMIL Token

It is Data Decentralisation.

Asia’s biggest library, Jaffna Library, which contained alot of rare tamil books was burnt and destroyed. This was a huge irrecoverable loss for Tamil. This could have been easily prevented.

The centralisation of all sources and inability to digitalise the sources led to the irrecoverable loss. Eventhough there was limitation to technology during the period, copies of the books/sources kept at various locations could have reduced the impact of the loss.

We now have digital library, however, the information is stored at a centralised location or on an individual’s computer.

We are still getting news daily on the theft of Tamil palm leaf manuscripts. How do we stop this? One way is via data dissemination.

According to language scholars, there are several criteria for a language to attain in order to be called 'Semmozhi' (Classical Language).
They are:

2.No impact from other languages
5.Literature and grammar
6.General mode
8.Cultural values
9.Higher thinking
10.Arts and literature individuality
11.Language doctrine

Tamil language has been the only language that has satisfied all the above 11 criteria.

Why this Action Programme?
We need to preserve the remaining assets by decentralising the digitalised assets.
It is our duty to pass on these assets to our next generation in their original form. Our language has been preserved due to the years of sacrifices by numerous individuals and thus, we have been able to hold the leading position in the digital world. Every Tamilian should ask the question of what are we doing and this will allow us to bring the language to the next generation successfully. We can achieve this by utilising Blockchain in the digital world. This is the reason why Tamil Token was created.

Tamil Language Development Projects  
The Tamil Token platforms allows community members to propose projects and these projects will be voted on. For a project to be chosen, it would be atleast 80% votes.
Other Frameworks

How to Participate?
You will be able to view the projects via

How to purchase Tamil Token?
You can purchase Tamil Token via the Stellarterm exchange. During private sales, early investors will receive free Tamil Token.

Voting rights are only available to those who have purchased atleast 1 Tamil Token. Those with Tamil Token can show their appreciation to projects of their choice.

Constructive Criticism
Transparency and society based opinions will assist in the improvement of the Tamil Token and its projects. Constructive criticism can be provided by members who have been registered with Tamil Token platform. These criticisms will be subjected to voting and will be acted upon after receiving 80% votes.  

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Kavashgar Manimarpan - Singapore
Lead Developer and Technical advisor

Subramanium Balamurugesan
Incharge for marketing and community development.

Kugeshan Kirubananthan
Incharge for marketing and community development.

Dr. AK Balamurugan
Project Advisor