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Tellus Cooperative

Empower LATAM with innovative solutions for a decentralized, thriving local economy and engaged participatory democracy!

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May, 2019
Products & Services

With the support of the Stellar Community Fund, we plan to launch and grow three main products and services to help advance the adoption of cryptocurrencies in Chile and the growth of DAOs in the overall Stellar Ecosystem:

  1. Wallet App: We plan to launch a mobile wallet app for Chile and Latin America, specifically designed for cooperative (multi-signature) savings and providing an on/off ramp for crypto and fiat with MoneygramAccess. integration. The app aims to boost local economies by incentivizing sustainable behavior by providing discounts and rewards on local businesses and cooperative organizations. The app will be an all-in-one solution for the unbanked people in Chile to save, shift demand towards sustainable practices, and boost local economies.
  2. DAO Tools: We are growing a DAO community by building tools in the Stellar Network such as voting systems for community governance proposals and a bounties app to incentivize native developers. These developments will help build decentralized systems of governance and asset management and push for Soroban Smart Contract research and development.
  3. Open Source PoS: We are building open source hardware running horizon to incentivize local shops to reward customer loyalty through tokenized coupons and points. We envision users tapping their wallet app or NFC cards on these terminals at shops or events. It currently uses a LibreBoard and RFID-RC522 Reader, and Python. The case is 3d printed. The goal is to provide with the instructions for a DIY affordable terminal as well as providing with a production ready commercial hardware to expand the Stellar Network and sustain the project.
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Progress so far

Since our successful participation in SCF#8, we have made significant progress in our Stellar project. Our team has utilized this opportunity to deepen their understanding of blockchain technology and enhance their professional skills, allowing us to successfully implement innovative ideas within the thriving ecosystem. As well as meeting all our proposed goals.

( Our community forum serves as a platform for discussion on governance and community building. We have created our first community proposal, developed a high-level architecture for the governance process in a DAO, and established a model for cooperative vaults using vanilla Stellar.

( Our voting platform, a DAO tool to experiment with different types of voting for community governance proposals, has been deployed and integrated with Albedo for authentication. It allows for voting on community proposals and has a time-limit function.

Our bounty hunting platform, a DAO tool to implement a bounty hunting board, has a backend built with Django to handle SEP and a frontend built with NextJS. It also includes a Soroban Timelock contract.

( Our wallet app, focused on cooperative (multi-signature) savings, on/off crypto fiat ramp, and boosting local economies, has undergone UI/UX research and design and its frontend was built using Flutter. A Chilean company has been constituted to launch a Stellar Mobile Wallet and integrate MoneyGram (Latam Web3 S.p.A).

We are also experimenting with an open source PoS to incentivize local commerce through a loyalty system.

( Finally, our learning platform offers localization efforts and video tutorials, in Spanish, on the Stellar Blockchain, Cooperatives, and DAOs for people in Latin America. Three video tutorials on basic concepts have been released, Stellar Quest 1 - 5 repository has been translated, and the platform has been deployed.

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Additional information

At Tellus Cooperative, we're deeply committed to building a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem on the Stellar blockchain. We're pursuing a strategic approach that balances open-source projects with privatized ones to achieve this goal.

Our open-source projects, such as our DAO tooling and PoS solution, are focused on testing and researching different ideas and platforms that will ultimately benefit the wider Stellar community. By making these tools available to the public, we can engage with developers and foster a cooperative approach to building decentralized systems of governance and asset management, to later be implemented in a market. Our learning platform, which offers video tutorials on the Stellar blockchain, cooperatives, and DAOs, further supports our mission of empowering people to understand and leverage the benefits of blockchain technology, as well as how this can be used for civic engagement and environmental justice.

At the same time, we recognize that certain parts of our project require a monetization strategy to sustain our operations and fund further development. Our mobile wallet app, for instance, will be a privatized solution that serves as an entry point for people to learn about Stellar and blockchain technology. By offering a user-friendly, multi-signature wallet with on/off crypto fiat ramps, we are able to introduce more people to the ecosystem and encourage greater adoption of cryptocurrencies in Chile and Latin America.

Our approach strikes the right balance between open-source collaboration and sustainable monetization. While we'll be generating revenue through our privatized solutions, our primary goal remains the same: to advance the adoption of cryptocurrencies in Chile and Latin America and to build a thriving ecosystem on the Stellar blockchain that empowers consumers to learn, cooperate, and grow. We're excited about the potential of this technology, and we're committed to working with the Stellar community to unlock its full potential.

Pitch deck
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First Deliverable

Our first deliverable will be Bounty Hunting decentralized application proof of concept. This will be provided as a repository with files and documentation for local deployment. We will also include a deployed version. We expect it to help us motivate new developers to learn more about Stellar and Soroban Smart Contracts and onboard more Spanish-speaking professionals to the ecosystem to encourage the creation of new DAO tools. For this deliverable we have focused in creating a new user interface and simpl

To be successful, we will consult and work with a Full-Stack Developer and a Rust Engineer to include the following features:

  • Wallet Authentication using Freighter
  • Connect to Soroban’s Futurenet
  • Create New Bounties
  • Apply for Bounties

Reviewer instructions

We will provide a repository with code for our application. The reviewer can check the documentation to explore the project’s architecture, and see future issues, goals, and commits.

The completed deliverable will include three links with the following information in them:

1. Figma: The reviewer can check the completion of the item by reviewing the Design work done for the project, including components, flows, and interfaces.

- Application Design Files (Figma)

- Application UI (Figma)

2. Notion: The reviewer can check the completion of the item by reviewing the project's scope and intent, the user experience flow, and Soroban integration description.

- Project Scope + Intent

- User Flows

- Soroban Contract Description and pseudocode

3. Github: The reviewer can check the completion of the item by reviewing the project's Readme file with instructions, the code, and deployment.

- Detailed Readme file with project description and instructions

- Project’s code including Frontend and wallet integration with Soroban's Futurenet

- Issues and Next Steps

- Open-source License



Bastian Alexander Koh - Founder and CEO

Passionate and committed to innovation and sustainable development. Community Organizer for Uptown Manhattan. Experienced Program Manager, UX/UI Designer, Blockchain Enthusiast, Python Developer, and aspiring Economist.

Github | LinkedIn | Twitter | Gitcoin

Nicolás Ortiz - COO

Robotic Process Automation Developer (Kofax-Uipath-Jarvee). Extensive experience in insurance companies analysis and operational processes. Knowledge in software development and industrial civil engineering student

Github | LinkedIn | Twitter

Francisco Vasquez - CFO and General Manager Chile

Civic Engineer in Mining with a Masters Degree in Finance. Solid career experience in venture evaluation, projective analysis, and entrepreneur coaching.

LinkedIn | Twitter

Our team is set up for success because:

We are committed to see our communities grow. We founded this organization with the goal of connecting services to people that really need them, to build new systems that deliver opportunities, and educate people on new technologies. Climate change, the rising costs of living, and negative social externalities caused by boundless consumption and production are hurting our communities in irreversible ways. We will succeed because we are not motivated by profit. We want to break the socio-economic paradigms that obstacle our growth by uniting over technology that, in good hands, can make basic necessities a right, not a commodity. We are motivated to create everlasting changes in our economy, and are certain that those values, plus our resilience and motivation to keep learning, will lead us to effect a positive change.

Meet the team!