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The Blue Marble - Web3 Made Easy

The Blue Marble removes all friction from Web3, allowing brands to launch customer focused NFT campaigns with a few clicks.

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The Blue Marble was part of the Stellar community supporting the development of Turrets, the Layer 2 smart contract technology that was the precursor to Soroban Layer 1. 

Just prior to our brand launch, Soroban was announced as a replacement for Turrets - so we made the decision to get to market using Turrets and continue with the launch with a view to migrate to Soroban as soon as feasible.

Our smart contracts control royalty payments and allow the trading of NFTs on Stellar without requiring use of Stroops as the NFT unit. The royalty system enables NFT creators and businesses to provide support for social and environmental causes when they sell or trade assets.

Our current Turret smart contracts:

  • Have full authorisation over the NFT assets we mint once the Primary Sale is closed
  • They ensure only integer asset transactions take place and avoid the need to use Stroops as the base unit, permitting easier trading
  • They control the buy and sell operations which optionally include royalties: 1. to the creator of the NFT, as a percentage of all secondary sales and 2. to causes the creator would like to support such as charities and nonprofits who receive an ongoing percentage of secondary sales

Our aim with Soroban is:

  1. Develop Soroban based contracts to replace our existing Turret contracts as soon as Soroban goes live
  2. Add to our  our existing smart contract operations so that the new Soroban contracts are fully complete and support all relevant activities required to manage NFT assets
  3. Work with the Stellar community to ensure the new contracts are as cross compatible and easy to adopt by other NFT platforms and wallets on the Stellar ecosystem 
  4. Generate content and materials during our process of development in order to provide market knowledge and insights into the use and execution of Soroban based platforms, to act as a case study for The Stellar Development Foundation
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Progress so far

With our mission to “Make Web3 Easy'' (such as simplifying the delivery of NFTs via email), our roadmap developments sought to improve accessibility to Web3 as well as ensuring that the NFTs issued had real world utility. Upgrades to our platform since our last submission include:

1. Web3 as a Service (WaaS)

We launched a simple SaaS model that allows anyone to sign up and pay a simple monthly fee to create assets and share them using our email delivery service. We allow anyone to launch an NFT campaign in under 5 minutes without requiring any technical know-how. 

We avoid regulatory issues by using Sponsored Reserves to finance the asset creation and transaction fees for our customers (Future upgrades will see us add tools that allow these customers to migrate their assets into self-custody storage if they prefer to do so)

2. Shopify App 

With discounts as a key NFT utility driving customer loyalty, we have invested in the development of a Shopify app which allows store owners to provide discounts to their customers against the ownership of specific NFTs. 

Shopify own 40% of the e-commerce market globally with around 1.3 million live stores. By providing these store owners with a clear reason to use Web3, we will leverage our Shopify integration to onboard businesses into the Web3 space and the world of Stellar. 

We are currently submitting the finished App to their store for public release, and you can learn more about the setup and use here.

3. Hidden content 

Further focus on NFT Utility saw the release of “Unlockable Content”, which permits NFT creators to restrict access to the data stored on IPFS to holders of their NFT only. 

This allows businesses to provide exclusive access to information, to increase community and to potentially gamify some of the techniques they use to use NFTs as a loyalty technology.

To get there, we request a budget of  
Additional information

Please see this Business Canvas for a quick overview of the business.

Revenue Model & Funding

We believe that providing businesses with a frictionless method to create digital assets and a frictionless way to share these assets with their customers is the best way to generate market share that sees Stellar wallets sitting in the hands of millions of end users. 

To do this we have adopted a Software as a Service (SaaS) approach which:

  1. Builds “traditional” monthly recurring revenue that permits us to grow a financially sustainable business that’s easy to understand by traditional investors which leads to
  2. A large end user base to whom we can provide future transactional services. 

We see the SaaS approach as the best way to navigate bear markets by providing value propositions that are not wholly dependent on Web3 outcomes, and which provide a stable and sustainable top line growth. 

Market & Industry Research


There are now over 200 NFT marketplaces with the majority of those launching within the last 24 months. Many of them are focused on digital art resulting in a crowded competitive market with everyone targeting the same prospects. Most of them are also focused on the crypto community with technology that alienates a large part of the addressable markets.

The Blue Marble has key differentiators putting it ahead of the competition:

  • Accessibility built in from the outset to allow non-crypto enthusiasts to enter and be a part of this new market
  • A service offering to businesses that permits them to launch campaigns and distribute their NFT assets with a zero technical knowledge requirement.
  • Card payment and USDC stable coin services to make buying and selling NFTs easier
  • Carbon neutrality thanks to being built on Stellar

Resources & Relationships

The Blue Marble is building an indirect channel to market via agency partners that have domain expertise in web3 such as:

Marketing & Sales

The Blue Marble has both a self serve and enterprise model providing web3 services from small operations up to larger mid market brands.

1. Self-serve sales

A self-serve model allows users to access and utilize our services independently without needing assistance or interaction with the team. We provide them with a growing library of free education and resources to allow them to launch their campaigns.

2. Enterprise sales

We provide consultancy and support to create and deliver NFT drops for larger organizations, typically in conjunction with our agency partners to help market those drops to buyers, and assist in building community. These high revenue contracts can include whitelabel and dedicated infrastructure options.

3. Education and onboarding

A large part of our lead generation activities for 2023 focusses on education to onboard the non-technical into the NFT crypto space and groups who could benefit from more knowledge of Web3, such as:

  • Thought leadership and knowledge sharing around the ways in which NFTs can be used with long term value in mind
  • Free courses to upskill anyone who would like to learn how to develop their own NFT campaigns for their business and how to build community around them.

Example of a recent customer campaign:

Pitch deck
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First Deliverable

We have created the "Technical Project Plan" which was our first Deliverable - the plan has been created by the Blue Marble technical team and management with Soroban expertise provided by Tim Baker who has joined the business on a contract basis to help with the full implementation of the Soroban work as well as provide access to other Stellar expertise.

Tim, who is known by his handle @silence in the Stellar Community, has worked with Yield Blox, Stellar Turrets, various Stellar NFT projects, has participated in hackathons, and is a well known and valuable personality in the Stellar Community discord servers.

In the document we break down how the existing Turrest smart contract system works, the objectives we have using Soroban and the current plan to implement Soroban as a replacement. We also examine the issues and considerations we will need to look at when we start coding in the next phase of this build.

Reviewer instructions

Please find the document here:

You have comment rights with that link, so if you have any questions, please ask them and one of us will respond as quickly as possible.

Kind regards, Steve and the team.

Taskdotio Ltd

The Blue Marble is an NFT platform that helps brands connect and retain customers. Built on Stellar and with a mission to 'Make Web3 Easy' The Blue Marble puts the power back into the hands of the marketing team. Brands can launch NFT campaigns without needing to be technical gurus, customers are onboarded with ease and the platform integrates into other applications such as Shopify.


Steve Walker


Steve has been in the startup space since 2003 with a successful exit of his previous business to Compono Pty in 2021, of which he now acts as an advisor. He has been working in blockchain for the last 5 years, and has spent decades in the technology space. His mission is to see blockchain deployed in ways that protect natural assets and promote social causes while creating accessible long-term investments.


Discord: @stevewalkr#5999

Twitter/Telegram: @stevewalkr

Matt Rickard


Matt is the Co-founder and CMO of and He brings with him 20+ years experience working in sales and marketing for technology businesses in the Asia Pacific region. He’s worked for software companies in the environmental and social space and designed and executed a number of his own social impact programs.


Discord: @matt-task#4520

Telegram: @mattrickard