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A fully-featured Soroban contract development environment to onboard and keep web developers building on Soroban.

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The first stage was to prove that I can build a playground experience that lets people enjoy building and interacting with Soroban smart contracts, all with zero setup and latency.

The second stage will yield a fully-featured online development environment for Soroban and the tools to keep people building and engaged with the community.

Software development is so much more delightful when you can build, share, and explore what other people are building. This next iteration of useSoroban dot app will focus on exactly that.

We'll start by implementing a robust user system that will finally support a free tier for all to enjoy.

Next, you will be able to persist your contract storage between sessions and users. This will enable long-lived experiences that mimic what a testnet provides with no latency or onboarding churn.

With user/developer profiles and activity widgets you'll be able to see what contracts people are playing with and learn about other developers and their techniques.

Then, because user testing is never enough, useSoroban dot app will add an integrated test environment for your Soroban smart contracts with an intuitive interface right in your browser.

Finally, every development environment requires awesome built-in onboarding and eduction, and that will be the cherry on top for web developers getting started with Soroban.

After we complete the 2nd stage of useSoroban dot app development, Soroban will have the most magical developer environment in the market.

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SCF #12
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Online Soroban playground with a fully emulated host environment and instant contract calls, designed for onboarding web devs.
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My previous submission was the first stage of the browser-based Soroban contract development environment. Since then, the team has built a functioning alpha version of the tool that allows you to play around with Soroban smart contracts in a browser hosted Soroban environment.

It has been featured during the Paris Blockchain Week Soroban workshop as the primary tool for teaching how to build Soroban smart contracts. The tool was well received and we even had a repeat session online after the conference that was live-streamed on the Stellar Twitch channel.

The learnings from the initial batch of demos and user feedback have informed the list of deliverables for stage 2 of useSoroban dot app.

As for the list of deliverables for stage 1 - I have delivered the majority of the features outlined. However, I underestimated how long the core deliverables would take to build and, as such, wasn't able to fully implement certain features such as project export and deployment to live networks. This time I tried being more conservative in my time and budget estimates to be able to finish everything on time.

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First Deliverable

The first deliverable will be an MVP version of deliverables 3 (a user system), 4 (contract state persistence), and 5 (social profiles). It's important to de-risk all three before going down the waterfall because they all depend on each other.

I've already started on the initial steps by researching the Stellar account model and designing an account model for useSoroban dot app that will leverage Stellar keys. Next step will be to create a database for contract storage and the synchronous updates (aka on page load fetch the latest storage state). Finally, create a schema for user profiles that will anchor the social graph later.

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Anyone can use the app with an auto-generated set of Stellar keys stored in browser storage, this removes the need for manually generated developer ID + token to use the app. User actions that change state are visible to other users. Users have profile pages that publicly visible.



Morgan Wilde (MorganW#8983)

Founder / Software developer

My primary skill is full-stack development and I have over 10 years of experience. I've mentored close to 200 junior to senior developers. I've started and lead a team building user acquisition tools at a healthcare startup, those tools drove the first $1 million in revenue. My first Stellar account dates back to 2016, and I've been deeply engaged with Soroban since Sorobanathon. My latest accomplishment has to be the live Paris Blockchain Week Soroban workshop that we did together with Paul and Tyler from SCF.

Twitter / Github / GitLab / YouTube


Product designer

Johannes is an experienced product designer with over 10 years of digital product design under his belt.



Rust / WebAssembly consultant

Simonas is number 47 (out of 7759) in the Rust language all-time contributor list with over 1000 contributions to Rust. He's one of the top experts in Rust and currently works as lead developer on a project dealing with WebAssembly. Even though I couldn't get Simonas on the team, he has committed a good chunk of his time to help with all matters related to Rust and WebAssembly.

Rust all-time contributors