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VNDT Wallet & VNDT Stablecoin

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Singapore & Vietnam

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August, 2021
Products & Services

VNDT Wallet is built as a comprehensive multi-features application specializing crypto assets that allows connecting directly Fiat currency (VND) to deposit in order to convert from VND to VNDT, with the rate ratio 1:1. The main features of VNDT Wallet are:

  • Storage +40 highest liquidity cryptocurrencies in the world
  • Swap (Crypto-Crypto and Crypto-Fiat),
  • Deposit/Withdraw,
  • CryptoEarn (Saving, Loan)
  • IEO on VNDT wallet (uses can trade IEO tokens on VNDT wallet)
  • Utilities services for VNDT’s users

VNDT stablecoin token deploy on following blockchain networks: ERC 20, BSC 20, TRC 20, KRC 20 …

  • Pain point of clients: the users face many difficulties on P2P/ OTC trading and also global remittance/ payments. Here are the key paint points of clients and VNDT solutions. For more details, please refer to Problem & Solution

1) P2P/ OTC:

P2P/ OTC trades rely on individual buyers, sellers, and dealer’s network. The users face many difficulties when they conduct P2P, OTC trades, including fraud, slow transaction speed, low liquidity and inefficient customer support service. In fact, the buyer gets the crypto but doesn’t send the payment or sends a lower payment amount than expected. The transaction takes at least 15 minutes to hours, it might be slower if one of the parties delays the transaction for various reasons. The liquidity of P2P trade doesn’t suit for the larger traders who need to complete major transactions. OTC trades will be a better solution; however, users take more risks because the trades rely on dealer networks. The estimated time to solve fraud issues is often from 3-7 working days.

2) Cross border payment payment and remittance:

The average cost of remittance from/to Vietnam through the banks is very high at 6,9% of the transfer value and the process will take from 3-5 working days, depending on the remittance corridor. MTOs such as Western Union and MoneyGram, often used by the unbanked people, are a faster but more expensive alternative, especially for B2B clients, due to their operating cost and technical inefficiencies. The end receiver loses value due to the unfavorable exchange rates.

VNDT stablecoin/wallet solution

VNDT wallet and VNDT stablecoin are designed to enhance the traditional payment methods by providing an exclusive gateway between the crypto and fiat, not only for Vietnamese and also the global users. VNDT stablecoin is pledged to VND fiat with the rate 1:1, liquidity backed by Ngan Luong, a payment intermediary licensed by the State bank of Vietnam (proven agreement: VNDT wallet allows users to exchange crypto-fiat instantly, seamlessly, free of risks and unlimited transaction volume.

For the global remittance and payments, VNDT wallet connects with international anchors, like Stably (an USDC provider Anchor in the USA) to set-up a remittance on/off ramps USDC/VNDT corridor. The clients (businesses and individuals) enable trading and redeeming these tokens right away. This crypto solution replaces the international wire process and fiat currency conversion friction, making the remittance flow moving fast, efficient and cost effective.

How and Why use Stellar: VNDT wallet participates into Stellar Cross-Border Crypto/Fiat on/off-ramps

The SDF (Stellar Development Foundation and VNDT wallet enable use of the Stellar Network for on-off ramp services in Vietnam. The VNDT will collaborate in enabling the use of the Stellar network. The objectives are as follows:

  • The VNDT  will leverage the Stellar network to establish an on- and off-ramp for VNDT, a VND-backed stablecoin, and to facilitate cross-border flows of funds on Stellar.
  • SDF will support the VNDT in integrating with the Stellar network using the SEP-31 protocol and VNDT (and potentially other Stellar stablecoins) for settlements.

The following project plan shows VNDT stable-coin integrate with Stellar blockchain network under SEP-31 protocol:

  • Phase 1: Issuance of VNDT token on Stellar Network within three (3) weeks
  • Phase 2: SEP-31 receive production launch on Testnet within three (3) weeks of the completion of phase 1
  • Phase 3: SEP-31 receive production launch on Mainnet within six (6) weeks of the completion of Phase 2
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Progress so far

VNDT Wallet is at the live production stage.

  • VNDT downloaded users: +100,000
  • VNDT downloaded nations: +50
  • Top 10 countries download on Android: India (6849), Viet Nam (5722), Bangladesh (4956), Nigeria (3132), Indonesia (2865), Iran (1146), Philippines (620), Pakistan (443), USA (351), Benin (330)
  • Top 10 countries download on iOS :  Vietnam (8199), United States (933), India(262),  Nigeria(228),  Indonesia (198), Turkey (123), Japan (117), Australia (69),   United Kingdom (61), Philippines (51), Canada (49)
  • DAU (daily active users): +5,000
  • Transaction volume (currently - daily): 300,000 USDT (or USDC)/day

VNDT wallet is a trust - secured - convenient intermediary gateway that provides services without limitations in space, transaction volume and time in between cryptocurrency and fiat. In the next 12 months, VNDT will be a popular stable-coin, friendly use and becoming the most optimized tools for all kind of users with various demands: cross-border remittance, cryptocurrencies deposit/withdraw by fiat gateway and raising-up communities in Vietnam market (for Blockchain/Crypto projects/entities).

VNDT wallet will be an unique product & service for crypto fintech in Vietnam. VNDT completely solves such current dilemma problems that all communities, users are facing. Those problems are: P2P, OTC exchanges (crypto-fiat) mostly in USDC/VNDT, limitation of transaction volume, transaction process period, etc.

With an exclusive guarantee agreement with Ngan Luong (top licensed payment gateway in Vietnam), VNDT wallet ensures the liquidity ratio for VNDT 01 : 01 VND all the deposit/withdrawal transactions. By 2024, VNDT’s mission is to liquidate billions USDCVNDT in Vietnam and related global business to Vietnam and vice versa.        

Measurable achievable target of VNDT in timeline

2021: 200,000 users (daily volume: 300K USDT)

2022: 1,000,000 users (daily volume: at least 2 mil USDT)

2023: 1,500,000 users (daily volume: at least 3 mil USDT)

2024: 2,000,000 users (daily volume: at least 5 mil USDT)

VNDT token will deploy +10 blockchain networks (ETH 20, BSC 20, Stellar, TRC 20, SOL, VN Smart-Chain, etc.)

The following products and businesses will be achieved by VNDT in the next 06 (six) months.


  • VNDT Wallet ready in use on iOS (version 4.7), Android (version 4.7)
  • Storage: VNDT & Cryptocurrencies
  • Swap: top 01 - 15 highest liquidity cryptocurrencies pair with BUSD, USDT, TUSD, VNDT
  • Deposit/Withdraw: VND/VNDT, Crypto (From outside wallet to VNDT and vice versa)
  • V-Finance: Crypto Saving
  • VNDT token (blockchain network): ERC-20, TRC-20, BEP-20, KRC-20...  
  • Security: eKYC, 2FA (include Google Authenticator, SMS, Email), PIN/FaceID/TouchID


There will be 06 (six) business products/services that operate in VNDT wallet as follow:

  1. IEO on VNDT Wallet: allowing all token projects to have IEO alternatives to sell their token directly via VNDT wallet. This differentiation strategy is convenient for both: IEO projects and token buyers (mostly for Vietnamese) can interact easily.
  2. Deposit (Fiat to Crypto; Crypto to Crypto)
  3. Withdraw (Crypto to Fiat; Crypto to Crypto)
  4. Crypto Earn (Saving & Loan)
  5. Remittance: Focus on global cross-border remittance toward Vietnam
  6. Utility services: Portfolio management, P/L statement, Trading signal, pricing changing notification, others, etc.

The following product and business development timeline of VNDT Wallet:

  • Nov 21
  • Swap: top 16 - 30 highest liquidity cryptocurrencies pair with BUSD, USDT, TUSD, VNDT
  • Deposit/Withdraw: Crypto (From outside wallet to VNDT and vice versa) (continue)
  • Dec 21
  • V-Pay (daily bills: electricity, water, finance...)
  • V-Pay (QR-Code payment merchant offline)
  • Q1/22
  • V-Finance (Saving + Loan + Farm)
  • VNDT token (multi-chains integration)
  • Additional feature update (smoothly)
  • IEO & Utilities features deployment
  • Q2/22
  • Co-Branded Bank card
To get there, we  will use our requested budget of  

WePay launched VNDT wallet & VNDT stablecoin in early August 2021 with a fully legal environment by co-operating with Ngan Luong, a payment intermediary licensed by the State bank of Vietnam. Until now, VNDT wallet has over 100,000 users in more than 50 countries, recorded an amazing transaction volume of 9 million USD (three months accumulated record).

The main revenue streams come from deposit, withdrawal, crypto/ fiat on/off ramp fees. Our next step is to develop more advanced business features, scale up users and expand our business partners (B2B). VNDT wallet targets the Vietnam market, a top 4th crypto investment country in the world with 5.9 million users and also extends to the global market where there is the huge oversea Vietnamese community or potential business partners with Vietnam. We aim to reach 1,000,000 users, 1,000 B2B clients and +1 billions USD total transaction volume in 2022, leveraging the prioritized services:

  • Payment gateway between crypto & VND fiat
  • Cross border remittance and payment
  • IEO on VNDT wallet (this advanced feature will be launched in the 1st quarter of 2022)

To achieve our objectives, we leverage various resources as below:

  • Key distribution channels : Vietnam & Global crypto communities, Crypto Ventures,  Crypto KOLs, Liquidity providers (local & international), etc.
  • Financial resources: share-holders’ capital contributions, supporting fees from blockchain foundations, revenue streams from our live products.
  • Technology: integrate with NextTech ecosystem, a digital payment giant group in Vietnam and Southeast Asia with millions customers and partners/ launch in Stellar Network and connects to its Anchors
  • Enable the partnership with local/ international payment gateways to facilitate the process of transaction and secure high liquidity.

More details, please refer to our marketing plan.


Problem & Solution

Most cross-border payments and remittance toward/ from Vietnam rely on a network of intermediary banks and traditional MTOs (Money Transfer Operators). Unregulated, alternative channels such as several online payment applications have long existed but based strictly on trust. There is no central clearing system, and these transactions can only occur during regular banking hours, so it takes from 3 to 7 working days or more, depending on the remittance corridor.

The average cost of remittance to Vietnam through the banks is very high at 7,2% of the transfer value. Using banks to remit is not always an option for largely unbanked populations in developing nations like Vietnam. MTOs such as Western Union, MoneyGram often used by the unbanked people, are a faster but more expensive alternative, especially for B2B clients, due to their operating cost and technical inefficiencies. The end receiver loses value due to the unfavorable exchange rates.

Recognizing the power of blockchain technology on global payment, we issue VNDT stablecoin, pledged to VND fiat with rate 1:1, backed by a licensed liquidity provider and build VNDT wallet as gateway between VND fiat and crypto assets. VNDT offers exclusive on/ off ramps services in Vietnam, the customers can deposit/withdraw instantly VNDT into VND via bank transfer, credit and debit payment through over 40 Vietnamese domestic banks.

With a wide range of trusted OTC partners and liquidity providers, VNDT serves a high transaction volume (easily exchanging a daily 1 million USD). For global remittance, Wepay connects with those international anchors, like Stably (an USDC provider Anchor in the USA) to set-up a remittance on/off ramps USDC/VNDT corridor. The clients (businesses and individuals) enable trading and redeeming these tokens right away. This crypto solution replaces the international wire process and currency conversion friction, making money moving fast, efficient and cost effective.

VNDT enables use of the Stellar Network for on-off ramp services in Vietnam. SDF will support the integration of VNDT wallet and launching of VNDT stablecoin into the Stellar network using the SEP-31 protocol, then establishing a bi-directional USDC/ VNDT corridor with enough liquidity on the Stellar DEX/AMM (other stablecoins /VNDT in the future) . VNDT/ Stably executes the real time cross-border transactions through Stellar Network while the movement of digital funds (USDC/ VNDT) will be recorded.

Below are the phases:

  • Phase 1: Issuance of VNDT token on Stellar Network within three (3) weeks
  • Phase 2: SEP-31 receive production launch on Testnet within three (3) weeks of the completion of Phase 1
  • Phase 3: SEP-31 receive production launch on Mainnet within six (6) weeks of the completion of Phase 2

Source :

Target Individual customers

Overseas Vietnamese communities/migrant workers in the United States (1,7 mil), France (350,000), Australia(250,000), and Canada (157,450), Germany (150,000) and South Korea (143,000) (source)

  • Age: 18-55
  • Income: average 1,000 USD/ month
  • Remittance amount toward Vietnam: min 200$ on monthly basis
  • Total transaction volume: average 16 billion/year
  • Remittance purpose: support family in home country, pay bills for e-commerce
  • Current payment method: banks, MTO such as Western Union, MoneyGram, online payment service provider Paypal, Pyoneer
  • Behavior: friendly use smartphone and looking to have fast and cost effective payment solution
  • Crypto familiar: 18-45 yes, 46-55 No

Target Enterprise (B2B, B2C, B2E)

  • Type: SME
  • Field : export/ import, logistic, e-commerce
  • Location: the United States, EU, China, Vietnam
  • Payment purpose: payment for supplier, payroll to remote staffs, get paid from foreign customer
  • Current payment method: bank transfer
  • Crypto familiar: moderate.
  • Target Transaction volume: 1mil/ day

⇒ The VNDT service price is established,  based on a unique competitive advantage while competitors such as Binance, Remitano, and VNDC are not available. The main competitive advantage is to connect with Ngan Luong, a payment intermediary licensed by the State bank of Vietnam, which guarantees deposit/withdrawal liquidity with rate 01 VNDT:01 VND.

The pricing strategy of VNDT is value-based pricing. Besides, with the other revenue streams on VNDT, such as Swap (Crypto - Crypto & VNDT- Crypto), VNDT uses competition-based pricing to compete directly and attract users.

Revenue & Transaction Forecast (please refer to the Financial Plan)

  • The value of money transfers and international payments reached $37.15 trillion in 2020, expected to reach $39.9 trillion by 2026. (source)
  • The fast - growing sector's potential to grow global remittance/ payment value : e-commerce, technology, import and export, property investment, financial investment etc.
  • In Vietnam: remittances reached USD 71 billion in 5 years, an annual average increase of 6%. Top 10 remittance receiving countries. (source)
  • The number of crypto users in the world is 300+ million, an average increase of 3.9% and more than 18,000 businesses accept crypto payments. (source)
  • International money transfer using blockchain infrastructure and trusted stable coin will be the future of global payments with low fees, fast speed, transparency and security. VNDT stablecoin plays an important role as an exclusive crypto/ fiat on- and off-ramp in Vietnam for the global payments system. VNDT aims to reach 1,000,000 users and 1,000 B2B clients and +1 billions USD total volume transaction in 2022.

Key Partners

Investment Funds

NextTech, Ngan Luong, Next100,Halving Capital, Amun Capital,  Atlantic Capital, MIC Holding,  Victory Venture, AVA Capital, ADN Capital, BSCLaunch, Crypto Era, Trade Coin X1000BTC,  Ant Trading, Launch Zone Easy Crypto, AliTrade, 68 Trading, BFA Group,CHIP Group, KTS Capital, Easy Trading, S-Finances.


Vimo, Alepay, Mpos, NextPay


Tomochain, Kardia Chain, Binance Smart Chain


kiwi group, 68trading,


CoinMarketCap, Cointelegraph, Business Insider, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance



Finance & Commerce association

Vietnam Bank Association

Vietnam Internet Association

Vietnam E-Commerce Association

Vietnam Multiple Platform Payment Association

VNDT SWOT Analysis

Marketing Budget

Competitor Analysis

VNDT Brochure

Crypto/Fiat On/Off ramps flow

Marketing Plan

View below.

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Mr. Henry Tran

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Henry Tran is a pro-consultant in financial and operational management for Small and Medium Enterprises (30 Enterprises - 05 different business fields). Henry is also a professional trainer in International Finance Certificate (model Business & Finance - ACCA / ICAEW). Henry spent 8 years studying and working in Japan, Singapore and Southeast Asian countries before returning to Vietnam 9 years ago. Henry has been accumulating more experience during his time in Vietnam working for multinational corporations in Investment, M&A, Insurance, Real Estates and Banking. Henry is a dynamic team mate in technology competitions in Vietnam such as: First prize in Creative Startup Contest - Smart City 2018; Top 7 Final Startups Contests - Techfest 2018. Henry was fascinated by the Blockchain Fintech environment from 5 years ago. Henry has managed, operated and developed for four (04) different projects (1 million USD/project) applying Blockchain technology in the areas of Sharing Economy - Crypto Wallet - Traceability - Banking. Over the past one (01) year, Henry has been working as an advisor for crypto-wallet development and also being a Chief Operating Officer of an Exchange, Crypto-Wallet in Europe. With a spirit of entrepreneurship and dedicated contributor, Henry and his team would make the VNDT wallet become the largest financial platform in Vietnam. In the next two (02) years, the team will bring AntEx financial ecosystem to be in the Top 5 Blockchain Fintech Platform in Asia.


Mr. Lee LE

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Bio : Lee has 15 years of experience in the positions of Chief Technology Officer & Chief Financial Technology Officer at NextTech Group. Lee is an expert in research and operation of advanced security technologies, for example, Multi-tier system security; Multi-factors authentication; e-KYC (electronic identifier); CBIR - content basic images retrieval based on the image of personal characteristics ... In addition, Mr. Lee is also a security advisor for crypto exchanges (total transaction volume 1 billion USDT - 2 billion USDT / day) in Indonesia, Estonia & China.

Lee plays a key role in the research and proposal solutions for user identification under the distributed model on a Blockchain platform for large payment platform firms such as Visa, PayPal or insurance (Post Insurance, Oil Insurance Gas, etc.) Mr. Lee is also a technology expert in the payment sector (in the digital environment) and blockchain application financial technology. The system is managed and operated by Mr. Lee that can process up to 2,000 transactions in seconds while the safety and transparency are consistent (transaction history can be retrieved on multiple Ethereum, Tron, Binance Smart Chain, Polka platforms. Dot). Mr. Lee spends most of the time researching and improving the innovative technology solutions that move forward to the global scale and transform them into practical applications. His ambition to advance the technology products, the best functions in order to enhance users’ experience. The goal of Mr. Lee in the financial ecosystem WePay project: contribute a part of efforts to overcome the disadvantages of traditional finance through the application of financial technology products on blockchain platforms. In addition, he tries to affirm the position of Vietnam (TOP 5) on the financial map of Blockchain technology of the World in the next 2 years.

LinkedIn :

Mr. Harry Tung

Chief Growth Officer (CGO)

World Top TradingView 2016: An article on analyzing and forecasting the growth ability of coin / token in the World has gained the most comments / reviews / followers in the World, such as USA, Russia, Australia, India & Southeast Asia. Founder at 68 Trading; Trading Advisor at; 68 Trading: He contributes positively and is recognized in the research, analysis, evaluation and recommendation on the Crypto market in the world for the community of investors in Vietnam and around the world. Harry is actively providing market insights, Blockchain technology information for nearly 100,000 members of the Vietnamese Crypto community and nearly 10,000 members of the World Crypto community. Ecosystem of exchanges and investment funds in the world: Harry possesses a deep and wide network, invests and supports the world Blockchain projects in Vietnam. Harry’s ambition: He aims to make Vietnam one of the Top-Blockchain Crypto in the World, capable of competing with famous Blockchain platforms in the World.


Mr. Egan Ha

Chief Product Officer (CPO)

2015 - 2017: He has built a team of 40 famous KOL Traders in the Crypto market. Egan’s Trader Team reached the Top Liquidity / Transactions milestone on the two largest Polinex and Bittrex exchanges with a total trading volume of USDT02 billion. The two exchanges appointed exclusively separate support teams for the Egan team. Top Market Navigator on the World Crypto market: One of his outstanding projects is: EOS. In addition, Egan also cooperates on liquidity for Top 10 major Exchanges in the World. PR/MKT/Campaign/Media Specialist in Crypto field (Zasco project), with outstanding projects such as: BCC Platform; TTC; AChain; OKEX Exchange. Egan’s ambition: He aims to make AntEx as a comprehensive ecosystem applying Blockchain technology to Business & Finance in Vietnam. Egan also wishes to make AntEx as a pioneer/leading player and one of the most influential Financial Hub-Blockchain in the world.


Ms. Tran Thi Thuy Van

Chief Finance Officer (CFO)

Over 10 years working in the financial industry: accountant, financial Former chief accountant of AP group Former chief accountant of Thanh Do supermarket system. Taking main responsibility in controlling accounting and finance. Consulting and advisory business strategy and effective management for BOD.