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Aims to give users the freedom to break through the boundaries of conventional payments

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Wally is a P2P Marketplace where customers can book online events and hosts sell their online services for tokens on the Stellar network.

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Hire two freelancers to complete the MVP, a nodejs developer and a designer to work on the brand.

To get there, we request a budget of  

- Rate and review the experience.
- Explore/Filter experiences.
- Allow users to accept any token in the stellar network.
- Setup Anchor
- Allow users to buy lumens from our platform.

Additional information


Setting up an online business can be hard when it comes to choosing how to get paid. Most people will opt for solutions like Paypal or Payoneer, but these platforms don't offer a way to cash out outside the US.

There are many websites where users can post jobs and get hired, but they usually have high fees (up to 15%) and ask you to have at least 100$ for a withdrawal.

Wally wants to create a new economy based on people's passion and promote the usage of Stellar Network as a payment gateway.


We have two audiences to target, the first one and more important are the hosts, people who sell online services. And the second one is end-users who book the events from the hosts.

Our hosts will be:
- Coaches.
- Nutritionists.
- Psychologists.
- Consultants.
- Teachers.


We will be setting an Anchor to sell lummens to users who don't own o need them to pay for services inside out platform.



Wally will be running a referral program where our users can fund a friend's account and get a reward for promoting us. Our social media of choice is Instagram, where we will partner with creators.

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First Deliverable

By completing the MVP we will be available to start our promotion stage, we will encourage people to join our platform with a referral program, 20 % of the budget will be left on a reserve to fund it.



Julian Clatro - Founder, developer and designer.