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Offer remote freelances the chance to break through conventional payments with p2p decentralized solutions.

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Wally is a booking platform for online experiences that aims to empower freelancers with tools to manage their time in a simple and modern way.

We offer a calendar for each experience that is connected to an stellar account. Users can book and get booked and access to a private 1-1 Video Calls.

The actual cost to make a booking in Wally is only 300 stroops, this is less a than a pennie. 🤯

Aims to solve and make the life more easier for:

  • Teachers of languages and software.
  • Therapists.
  • Mindfulness & Wellness.
  • Consulting.

How it works?

It works with two stellar accounts, the master and the audit.

  • The master account is responsible for creating the escrow account.
  • The escrow account has 3 signers, the customer, host and the audit with a max threshold of 2.
  • The audit account is used to rule in favor of one of the parties if needed.

The master account needs 3 xlm in reserve for each active booking that is happening, when the events end the host can claims the funds, after that the escrow is merged into master, paying back the reserve.

We don’t plan to charge any fee, while other platforms charge between 15-20% of cost of service.

How is sustainable without fees?

We want to offer premium features to users as NFTs. The sale of this digital collectibles will pay the costs of operations.

Stellar help us to protect the payments in a decentralized way, this lets us resolve different type of scenarios.

For customers:

  • Automatic refund for cancellations.
  • Payment protected until rating.

For Hosts:

  • Automatic signed withdrawals if users miss to rate.
  • Custom cancellation policies
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Aims to give users the freedom to break through the boundaries of conventional payments
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Progress so far

Since our last submission we went from a harcoded prototype to a working product on the stellar testnet, we aim to launch our private beta at late Q4 2022.

After months of development we accomplish the following features:

  • We integrated the following stellar wallets Albedo, Freighter and Rabet. And looking forward to integrate more.
  • The whole ecosystem runs 100 % on CF Workers.
  • Create personal pages (Ex: https:///
  • Created the concept of an experience associated to an stellar account.
  • Be able to book, pay and access to a 1-1 private sessions while the payment is protected.

  • Establish a company.
  • Accept credit cards payments.
  • Add SEP 10.
  • Deploy to Mainnet
  • Add SEP-6.
  • Deploy IPFS Server.
  • Ticketing system based on NFTs.
  • Support live-sessions of multiple users.
  • On-site Events. not just only online events any more!
To get there, we request a budget of  
  • 30 % Create a company.
  • 20 % XLM Reserve (up to 5400 simultaneously bookings).
  • 10 % Pay for services and servers.
  • 40 % Freelancer to help in the development.
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