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Smart Contract powered peer-to-peer payments for Stablecoins

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July 2022
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Is a non-custodial dApp that allows users make smart contract powered peer to peer payments by

a. utilizing fiat-backed stablecoins

b. alongside lightning on & off-ramps,

c. Cross chain asset bridging and

d. Prepaid $USDC Debit Cards.

Problems as they exist today:

  • Today CEX's (as we have seen with numerous limitations) hold the market share on P2P Transactions and are not scalable in emerging and developed economies because of the various regulations and bureaucracy surrounding them  
  • Trust still remains a major factor in P2P Payments
  • Time to approve transactions in 3 out of 5 cases are tiring

Our Solution

By leveraging partnerships with stablecoin anchors such as MyKobo and ClickPesa to enable said on & off-ramps. This also in turn boosts the respective anchors activity on Stellar.

  • Permissionless on and off ramps leveraging anchor partnerships on the network (on the roadmap as well would be to build sort of a bridge on soroban smart contract that would allow cross chain)
  • FOCUS IS BUILDING the Largest Stablecoin P2P Marketplace where users get to buy/sell stablecoins with other stablecoins at their own terms, in this case we are building our own asset trustless escrow contract on Soroban that would hold the both stables that let's the both users sign through their wallets with/without the ither counterparty.

Think of it as a decentralized Binance P2P Place but for stablecoins where users can buy a stablecoin of their choice (from the Vendor or Ad) and off-ramp that to a local payment method using the inbuilt ramp feature unique to the anchors. Or use the bridge feature powered by the soroban smart contract to send it to a across different chains.

Pitch deck:

More technical info on our Soroban Contract:

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Progress so far

Streamlined to WAVY:

1. Signed 100 P2P Merchants from popular CEX exchanges

2. Completed 1st Half of UI Design and Architecture flows

3. Completed and deployed stablecoin/asset escrow smart contract using Soroban for p2p marketplace on Future Net

4. Completed custodial wallet integration

To get there, we request a budget of  
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First Deliverable

UI-web3 Soroban work interaction and completion (SEND FEATURE)

- Fix Lagging issue and order issues in regards to the contract and how it interacts on the Frontend

- Do End-to-End tests

- Redeploy WAVY P2P Soroban Contract

For context we've deployed the first version of this, but we need to optimize the dApp

How can a reviewer check you completed your first deliverable?

1. Go to

2. Select Stellar future net on the top right corner

3. Connect the wallet of your choice

4. Test all the functionalities on the Send Feature (Create offers, Accept offers, Update Offers, Cancel Offers)

Would appreciate feedbacks and all to help fix bugs!


LINK is building web3 Cross border payments infrastructure for Africa. To accomplish this, we're building: - WAVY (cka LINK P2P): Stablecoin Utility Super App for the World. - LINK Business (Paystack/Stripe for web3): web3 payments infra for global businesses, developers and payment service providers bridging traditional rails, DeFi rails and our settlements stablecoin NGNC for scale. - NGNC is a fiat backed Naira multichain stablecoin built for settlements.


Core Team:

Emmanuel Evarist (ebuka#7034)- CEO/ Co-Founder

Computer Engineer and Programmer with 7years of experience, ex-CEO & Founder FINC Arts (product design and Brand studio), ex-CEO & CTO FINC Markets, an algo trading platform for forex traders in emerging economies like Nigeria and India

Marvel Ekpo (Iam_Marvel#0936)- COO/ Co-Founder

Product designer, Former COO FINC Arts and FINC Markets: a brand and design studio, FINC Markets which offered better trading algorithms for traders.

Tomisin Leshi (Unique-CTO#7629)- CTO/ Co-Founder

Software Engineer, Fullstack developer, ex- Software Engineer Cyprus Robotics (Robotics Manufacturing Company), ex-Software Engineer himylink (A digital Online Marketplace), ex-Backend Engineer Stritch (SME Shopping experiences)

Victor Nwaejie (ReKs#2107)- Brand Director/ Product Lead

Product designer, Former Graphic Designer at VOIS Cyprus: an NGO that tackles problems in the lives of students studying and living in Cyprus.